Simple, Feature-Rich, Free Theme For Community and Marketplace Websites

AtomUnity transforms your website into a thriving online community.

Why AtomUnity ?

WordPress theme for ease of functionality and having a dedicated space for online community and members

What does AtomUnity do for you?

1. It is a community theme where people can have online chat

2. Online, real-time Group chats are possible

3. Share and collaborate your ideas with a your own audience

4. Private online community for your brand

5. Unlimited buyer-seller interaction

6. Loyal and enthusiast website users can have their own community

7. E-learning platforms can give their users this simple WordPress theme to navigate and create a study portal as well as share knowledge as an online chat community

8. AtomUnity WordPress theme is all about sharing, caring, and growing beyond your abilities

9. You can have membership levels for your WordPress website as well as monetize content and increase your earnings

Use Cases

Build a collaborative environment for your users and loyal customers

Online community, Blogging, Discussion Forums
  • Have an opportunity to get a community plugin with this theme
Multivendor marketplace, Referral platform
  • Have an opportunity to create a multivendor marketplace community with this theme
Social Network
  • Create your own social network among your friends, niche , business/ industry, interests
LMS, microlearning, short courses, upskilling
  • Prepare courses
  • Microlearning, Upskilling courses


Easy to integrate
Interactive & collaborative
Works with all plugins
Easy to navigate
Unlimited groups
Easy to monetize your content

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