Consultant Website Chat

Turn your consultant website into an interactive platform. Provide text, audio, and video-enabled expert advice.

How website chat helps consultants connect with users?

A consultant website chat room is an innovative and educational space. It enables your users to directly interact with you, no matter their location and helps create an informative guiding community.

Freeform communication
The communication on consultant website chat rooms is open and free-flowing. No topic is too small. Every user question is treated with utmost respect and kindness by the consultant. Private and Groupchat rooms with consultants help create a safe environment for users to get helpful information and consultancy in a quick time. 

Better reach
With AtomChat, consultants on your site can now help out several users at the same time. People seeking help can now easily connect virtually via text, voice and video chat calling through your consultancy chat room website. The File sharing and Screen Sharing features provided elevate the experience and result in successful sessions.These features not just set you apart and aid consultants on your site in helping and reaching out to more people but also help you take huge strides in the market. 

Growing community
Having the means to chat one-on-one and in rooms integrated on your website allows your users to participate in discussions, connect and share their valuable feedback. It helps foster growth and facilitates high-touch consultancy in real-time. By providing a chat room on your consultant website, you open yourself to a community of people that you never thought would be possible and gives you the power to grow at a rapid pace.

Consultants can collaborate with other consultants as well as users on their websites. They can share their screen, exchange documents, and also hold real-time conference calls for better teamwork and better communication! 

Specialized sessions
You as a consultant can hold one-on-one sessions with your user for utmost privacy and a better understanding of their grievances. Be it for education purposes, business purposes, or even health purposes, having a chat room on your site enables you to provide your customers a private and safe space to hold specialized sessions to better serve them! 

What are the uses of website chat for consultants?

Consultant website chat rooms allow consultants from across the world to chat and connect. They can ask and answer questions, discuss, and share information.

Real-time conversations
Consulting involves providing quality advice to your users in real - time and what better way to help them than to provide them with a chat option on your website where they can connect with users through video or audio calling. Now you can provide great professional help from any part of the world with just a click of a button! 

Build connections
Having options such as text, audio, and video calling on your consultant website provides a personal touch to your business that makes the user feel welcome and safe. Thus, it helps in building lasting working relationships. 

Adds value
Consultants can convey their advice in a precise and clear manner with the aid of chat rooms. This form of communication not only helps in increased interaction but also allows you to put your advice forward in a valuable and concise manner which would prove beneficial to the user! 

Easy to connect and interact
For a consultant website, chat rooms allow the users to connect. They find it convenient to interact and feel motivated for discussions. An open communication culture can be developed.

Work closely
Since consultancy requires diagnosing a problem and rendering expert advice. Private chat rooms facilitate consultants and users to work closely and effectively.

Trust and loyalty
By connecting through chat rooms users build a sense of trust. They can directly connect with the consultant for any help they require and thus, they start to feel comfortable and like they belong there. This comfort and feeling of ownership drives loyalty in your community and hence, helps your business bloom.

Customized Consulting
Concerns and grievances of users can be brought to notice with a chat room. This would help consultants gain first-hand knowledge about the user and provide help to them in a more efficient and resourceful manner.

Consultants website chat benefit people

‣ Expert advice
‣ Innovative ideas
‣ Save money, time, and resources  Market knowledge

‣ Tracking possible challenges
‣ Qualified and professional consultants
‣ Specialized skills
‣ Participative discussions
‣ Customized solution

How to build a consultant website chat with the help of plugins?

Consultant website chat can be built successfully and hassle-free. All you have to do is embed the AtomChat software through plugins. Coding is not required for the installation process.

Install AtomChat in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a plan and start your 14-day free trial.

Step 2: Upload, install and activate the AtomChat plugin on your WordPress Admin Panel.

Step 3: Customize and choose your theme, language sounds, colors, etc. 

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GDPR Compliance and privacy

AtomChat has General Data Protection Regulation compliance in place for data privacy and security. Hence, all the data shared through AtomChat by your users is safe and secure. 
GDPR is the privacy and security law in the world. It was drafted and passed by European Union, put into effect on May 25, 2018.
According to this law, controllers and processors of personal data must put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to implement the data protection principles. The GDPR can levy harsh fines against those who violate its privacy and security standards, with penalties reaching into the tens of millions of euros.

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