For Agencies

Does your agency have clients across industries? If so, AtomChat for Agency is the right fit solution for you. AtomChat enables your agency to deliver extensive online community capabilities for clients. 

Agencies leverage AtomChat for a wide range of client offerings—right from creation of multivendor marketplace platforms, all the way up to enhancement of online courses with LMS. For instance, AtomChat offers a rich set of capabilities for agencies that represent brands. AtomChat for Agency has great options for your other clients as well. 

AtomChat for Agency’s rich toolkit helps you increase your clients’ revenue creation potential from their online communities. Monetization options on offer include advertising and premium memberships. Ping us today for more info on AtomChat’s attractive affiliate programs for agencies.


Online community, Blogging, Discussion Forums 
Offer unlimited interaction possibilities for clients with AtomChat for Agency’s powerful community plugin. Now your clients can highlight their vision, ideas, and concepts among likeminded audiences. Create collaborative communities with monetization options for clients using AtomChat for Agency.  

Multivendor marketplaces, Referral platforms, Build Brand websites, ecommerce 
Roll out a multivendor marketplace plugin for your clients using AtomChat for Agency. Unlock global reach with an online store, real-time multilingual conversations, and product reviews. Involve users as well in the business using lucrative referral programs.   

Social Networks 
Build full-fledged social networks with AtomChat for Agency. These exclusive spaces empower your client to have valuable interactions with their customers, partners, and associates. Help your clients monetize with options like privileged memberships.   

LMS, microlearning, short courses, upskilling 
Enable your client’s education initiatives with powerful learning tools. AtomChat for Agency is ideal to create extensive LMS capabilities. Seamlessly roll out microlearning and upskilling courses for your clients with AtomChat for Agency.


Easy to integrate
Effortless setup complemented by AtomChat’s White-Glove Assistance on demand. 

Interactive and collaborative
Boost community engagement levels with screen sharing and document creation. 

Real-time, multilingual chat
Drive meaningful conversations across borders with instantaneous Translation. 

HD audio and video calls
Crystal clear conversations over voice, video, and conference calls.

File sharing
Advanced file sharing and audio note sending across chats.

Unlimited groups
Open online groups at scale without user limit constraints.

No-code, no server headaches
Because you and your client need to focus only on user engagement.

Email notifications
Automatic alerts to keep users in on the action, even while offline.

Free to start, affordable as you grow

Our pricing plan starts at $16/month. Whichever plan you choose, the first 14 days are on us. Only pay once you're convinced.

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