Your brand, your logo: White-label Chat Platform for Website and Mobile Apps

Add your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts to reflect your brand identity on your chat platform.

What Is A White-Label Chat Solution?

See that small logo on chat websites that tell what you’ve used to build a chat software? It shows that you’ve used another platform to build the chat. Doesn’t sound good, does it? That’s what our white-label chat solution helps you solve.

You can use it to create a chat platform that allows you to display your logo, domain, and any other branding element--from colors and themes to font and font sizes.

Why Do You Need a White-label Solution?
As an entrepreneur, you would most likely be inclined towards building a customized solution from scratch. However, this step wouldn’t be without its downsides. You will pay more and spend more time.

Save Development Cost
Your website needs a new chat app. Save development cost by setting up white label group chat and private chat using AtomChat.
Opting for a custom solution from scratch will take a toll on your human and financial resources, not to mention it will derail your business from its core competencies. AtomChat’s white label platform is here to share the burden so you’re efficient in reaching your goals.

Save Development Time
Time is crucial. Your customers are waiting for that new feature you’ve promised them. Features that will make them stick. And love you more. With a white label chat solution, you will save time and add value.

Who Needs a White-label Chat Platform?

AtomChat’s white-label chat platform works effectively for start-ups, businesses, agencies, individuals, and solopreneurs. Our chat platform helps you expand your business offerings and build better relations by ensuring a smooth engagement for your users.

Plus, there is a risk of making an unstable, buggy platform which may hurt the chat experience for your users. And why create something that has already been built?

Create chat platforms for desktop and mobile devices
The users need to be logged in with your website credentials just once. This gives your users the chance to experience the easiest way to connect by making AtomChat available at any time, anywhere at their beck and call.
• Instant notifications of messages and calls from their friends.
• Deep linking the app from your website will force app usage on mobile devices
• We also have white labelled desktop apps in store for you, if you plan to offer them to your users.

Why choose AtomChat?

Audio and Video Conference

Give your website users a rich and immersive calling experience with AtomChat's HD audio video calling and conferencing.

Group Text

Create groups ranging from open-to-all, public to password protected or invite only exclusive groups. You can embed them on specific topic pages on your sites also!


Your users can now chat with someone who does not speak their language with real-time translation. Add your own UI translations from the admin panel and configure AtomChat to speak to your users in their language.


AtomChat lets you keep your users engaged with top of the line collaborative features. Let them share their screens and explain difficult to grasp concepts.

Whiteboard and

Allow your users to contribute and ideate with each other. AtomChat has a Whiteboard that they can take advantage of to collaborate in real-time.

Monetize With Tiered Access & Ads

Control which user role gets access and privilege certain features.Take advantage of our credit deduction system and charge per minute / charge per message. Run ads and monetize.

Automatically Import Your Users

Your users are added on-the-fly with the integration! That's not all, their roles and friend relationships are synced too. So they can build on existing relationships and enjoy privileges based on their roles.

Customize with a Powerful Admin Panel

Control almost all aspects of AtomChat's behavior from its powerful admin panel. Things like changing the color are just a click away. Define user behavior and membership level based feature access using the admin panel!

White-Glove Integration Assistance

AtomChat is very easy to install, it usually needs no more than a coffee break to get it up and running on your website. But if you do not want to get your hands dirty with the integration, our experts will be glad to help you setup.

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Our Customers love us

Kelly Carroll
Founder, WeYakYak

"We were searching for a good match that would be user friendly, stable for video language lessons, screen sharing, and document sharing. Today, with AtomChat, we have an amazing platform that runs smoothly and seamlessly throughout each class session. Students and teachers love the video screen as it delivers a clear and uninterrupted service! Excited to grow with AtomChat as they continually upgrade with the changing technologies."

Jer Jessi
Founder-CEO CoachTheWorld

"CoachTheWorld's primary objective of imparting knowledge from well-known influencers to users like you and me eager to learn was possible with AtomChat. With a uni-platform experience for all communication, the exchange of personal information (phone number/emails) is completely avoided. Our white-label messenger apps for Android and iOS are beautiful and attractive. This is my dream project and AtomChat has helped it come true."

“Most ground-breaking chat software.”
“High performer in cloud communications.”
“This is the best voice chat plugin!”

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