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What’s the No-Code Movement?

No-Code Movement means creating or developing a website or mobile application without using any coding language. You as a non-developer can build and promote your website. How amazing is that?

Forget about developers and make no-coding software your new assistant. Think of it as a building block for your business growth.

Whether you are a solopreneur, startup, or an established organization, the no-code movement is ushering in a new era for your business. An opportunity to step in and start something new. Digitalization is not just a thought, it's a practice.

When you are building with no-code, you are unknowingly doing it with pre-built coding software. The codes are created in the background automatically. What you see is the visual interface of the tools. 

Why No-Code Movement?

The No-Code Movement is helping businesses develop their digital system. They innovate, create and develop systems with no-code software. 

No-code has enhanced the accessibility of digital transformation. It has enabled non-technical entrepreneurs to develop software. 

Increase in productivity
With reduced task complexity of coding, the software can be created and automated. This in turn increases the speed and productivity of the business.

No code reduces the cost involved in hiring a team of developers. You can begin with tools that cost a few hundred dollars or less a month.

Changing and growing needs of your organization can also be taken care of through no-code tools. They have a flexible framework and expandable functionality for your scalable business.

Difference between no-code and low code

Low code refers to developing or creating software with minimal coding. In this method, minimal computer programming and coding skills are required. Low coding requires less coding but needs technical know how to build and develop systems.

• Less coding involved
• Technical knowledge necessary
• Computer programming skills needed
• Visual interfaces 
• Models to create software programmes

Whereas no-code requires no coding knowledge or technical skill. With drag and drop options to choose from, it is a simple and sorted way to digitize your processes.

• No coding involved
• Technical knowledge not necessary
• Computer programming skills not needed
• Visual representations
• Drag and drop interface

AtomChat and No-Code

AtomChat is a WordPress chat software plugin. With AtomChat you can easily add text, voice, and video calling to your website. No coding is required at all.
AtomChat supports the No-Code Movement by fully empowering its users to integrate chat rooms into their websites without a single line of code.

• 4000+ companies trust AtomChat’s plugin
• Easily integrates with 30+ platforms: WordPress, BuddyPress, Joomla, Ning to name some
• Customization is easy from the Admin Panel
• Add Group and Private Text Chat
• Voice and Video calling
• Collaboration with Screen Sharing and Whiteboard Features
• Real-time language translation
• Add your brand’s logo, color, and fonts
• Track and measure user engagement on your website
• Control on the content to be shared

No-Code Movement Structure

According to Forrester, the no-code movement will be worth $21.2 billion by 2022 (this number was $3.8 billion in 2017)

No-code platforms are straightforward subscription-based services available to users worldwide which are being used daily by non-techies to monetize and structure their ideas. Startups are built with these no-code platforms. 

Not only startups, but businesses around the world have set no-code standards and systems. Being cost-effective and faster to launch, no-code is helping explore the possibilities. Management of resources and returns is focused. 

Talking about the developers, they have an opportunity to monetize their skills and talent. By building no-code solutions, they have become the heroes of the business battleground. Developing a code on the no-code platforms backstage.

No coding software providers

Hundreds of no-code apps and tools are helping build startups and entrepreneurs. Most popular no-code tools to try:

Bubble provides no-code solutions to build web apps. It is a powerful and faster platform for creating digital products.

• No code
• Perfect designs
• Scalable

Launch your idea in just 4 simple steps with Bubble’s no-code platform:

Step 1: Demonstrate your idea
Step 2: Build internal tools
Step 3: Invite your team to make changes
Step 4: Gain traction and grow

WordPress is a platform that helps you build your website without using any coding language. You can create your website with plans starting from as low as $2.19 per month.

• Drag and drop components
• Compatible with iOS, Android, desktop, and tablets
• Custom domain and branding
• Secure and private
• Professional designs
• Plugins for customization

Launch your WordPress website:

Step 1: Develop a concept for your site.
Step 2: Buy a domain for your Website. 
Step 3: Find adequate hosting.
Step 4: Create content for your site. 
Step 5: Choose a theme for your website.
Step 6: Install the plugins you need.

Build, edit and launch your website and landing pages with Wix. Why Wix is part of the no-code movement:

• Create website and app without coding
• Stunning templates
• Intuitive drag and drop tools
• Mobile friendly
• Custom domains
• Design tools
• Landing page

Steps to launch a website using Wix following these 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account with Wix.
Step 2: Use the AI site builder feature of Wix.
Step 3: Select a template that suits your site.
Step 4: Design and customize your website with the Wix Editor.
Step 5: Add functionality to your website with Wix Apps.
Step 6: Publish your Wix website to make it live.

AtomChat is a no-code WordPress plugin that enables you to add a chat room to your website. The users can interact with each other through voice, video calling, or text messages.

• Private or group chat
• Easy integration
• No coding required
• Whiteboard and screen sharing
• Easy customization
• Real-time translation
• Track and measure the user’s engagement

Impact of no-code on businesses

‣ Digital transformation made easy

‣ Transforming ideas into reality

‣ Quick start for startups

‣ Healthy growth prospects

‣ Streamlining of the projects/systems

‣ Minimizes risk and error

‣ Full functionality

‣ Scalable

‣ Complete backend technical support

‣ Smooth expansion and diversification 

‣ Access to control and monitor

‣ Solution-oriented

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