Customize your AtomChat

You get a powerful admin panel at your fingertips when you sign up with AtomChat. Customize the look and direct how AtomChat interacts with your users. Read on to find out the exciting ways to customize AtomChat and make it truly unique for your website.

Customize appearance

You can run AtomChat as a docked widget on your website or embed it in a page. Customize things like colors and dimensions from the layout section of the admin panel.

Customize Contact list behavior

Decide whether your users can interact with all the users or only their friends. Control which user type can see certain user types with advanced contact list configuration.

Decide who gets to do what

You can also control which user role gets access and privilege. For example you may have premium user type and want to grant certain features access to them. You can do that with AtomChat's Role Based Permissions.

Use Social login or Site login or no login

Single-sign-on login via your site! AtomChat uses your site's existing login/authentication mechanism in place to add users and populate the contact list.

Some of your websites may not need users to create an account in which case you can use our Social Login option that will make it possible for site visitors to login via their Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts.

And, if your site calls for giving all visitors the option to chat without any login, you can enable Guest access too!

Track usage and measure engagement

Monitor chat activity on your site, see the number of users and messages exchanged in time intervals of 24 hours, 30 days, and all time.

Content Moderation

You often do not want users sharing personal contact information to retain them on your platform. We give you control to ban emails, phone numbers, hyperlinks. Words and messages can be banned too to apply profanity filters.

Monitor Conversations

Retrieve one-on-one and group chat conversation logs. Real-time monitoring of messages exchanged enables you to keep a check and identify troublesome users.

Localize the UI

Localize AtomChat as per your site's language. You have the control to localize/rename all frontend elements (keeping the meaning intact).

Announce Important Things

Sending collective updates to contacts individually can be very time consuming. With our Announcement feature, convey site-wide messages to all your users together. Daily updates, instructions, exciting news, or even simply a link to a good read. There's a bell icon on the frontend for your users to easily see these announcements as they arrive!

You can have the facility to translate the look and chat to your favourite language with AtomChat.


Every new message and audio/video calls have a default sound notification. You do not have to adhere to our default tone, upload a beat that fits your site's vibe 😉

User & Group Management

Create membership levels on your website and offer and premium access to certain features.  take advantage of  our credit deduction system and charge per minute / charge per message. un ads and monetize.

Turn features on or off

Some features could be irrelevant to your use-case. Here you see a list of all features and have the control to enable/disable them in private chats or groups, as desired.

Advanced CSS and JS capabilities

You can use AtomChat's advanced editor to add your own CSS and JS to modify appearance and behavior beyond what is available in settings.

Why choose AtomChat?

Audio and Video Conference

Give your website users a rich and immersive calling experience with AtomChat's HD audio video calling and conferencing.

Group Text Chat

Create groups ranging from open-to-all, public to password protected or invite only exclusive groups. You can embed them on specific topic pages on your sites also!

Multilingual Integration

Your users can now chat with someone who does not speak their language with real-time translation. Add your own UI translations from the admin panel and configure AtomChat to speak to your users in their language.

Screenshare Integration

AtomChat lets you keep your users engaged with top of the line collaborative features. Let them share their screens and explain difficult to grasp concepts.

Whiteboard and More

Allow your users to contribute and ideate with each other. AtomChat has a Whiteboard that they can take advantage of to collaborate in real-time.

Monetize With Tiered Access & Ads

Control which user role gets access and privilege certain features.Take advantage of our credit deduction system and charge per minute / charge per message. Run ads and monetize.

Automatically Import Your Users

Your users are added on-the-fly with the integration! That's not all, their roles and friend relationships are synced too. So they can build on existing relationships and enjoy privileges based on their roles.

Customize with a Powerful Admin Panel

Control almost all aspects of AtomChat's behavior from its powerful admin panel. Things like changing the color are just a click away. Define user behavior and membership level based feature access using the admin panel!

White-Glove Integration Assistance

AtomChat is very easy to install, it usually needs no more than a coffee break to get it up and running on your website. But if you do not want to get your hands dirty with the integration, our experts will be glad to help you setup.

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"Among many other unique needs, we needed a chat integration that offered real time messaging, audio calls, video calls and a white board option similar to competitors on the market.Searching the market for the right solution was difficult and a bit scary. Rarely you will find a product that is both compelling and supported by an incredible team, while there may be products like AtomChat on the market, from our personal experience, NONE of these solutions comes close in terms of customer service and quality. Everything we need, from messaging to collaborative options is offered by AtomChat. We have not looked back since choosing AtomChat and are looking forward to a long and fruitful future with them!"

Kameron James Moshier
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

"I've used AtomChat for nearly 5 months, and through the integration process with my app I've not only been helped quickly by support by a number of times, but it was also quite seamless. They have integration guides for a variety of software. The docked and embedded views for the chat are fast, easy to setup, and still very modular. We're using AtomChat to create a communication network for a marketplace of funds and investors, and using their instant messaging and video/audio calls."

Alex Johnson
Chief Technical Officer
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