Marketplace Website Chat

Establish direct communication between buyers and sellers, consultants, and clients, teachers and students, freelancers and companies. A real-time chat software for your marketplace platform. 

Why is Marketplace Communication Important?

Marketplace chat helps the users have secure and real-time conversations. Building connections with each other using text, voice, and video calls.

Initiating Conversations
Conversation between users on a marketplace website is crucial. It helps transform a detailed discussion into a successful transaction, resulting in a better conversion rate.

Builds Trust
Users can easily obtain detailed information about any service or product listed on the marketplace. The terms and conditions, usage instructions, and agreements can also be discussed during their communication. Such open and transparent communication helps build trust amongst the users and also makes the transaction easier.

Open Platform
Marketplace chat is not limited to just two parties. It facilitates communication between all the users of the website. This makes communication wide, dynamic, and far-reaching.

How does AtomChat help Marketplace Communication?

Imagine your marketplace website with an easy-to-connect chat platform. With the practical features provided by AtomChat, you can easily create a connected, and engaging platform.

UGC: User Generated Content
User-generated content is any content—text, videos, images, reviews, etc created by the users. UGC helps transform your website into an authentic, relevant, and informative database for your marketplace as it provides content for the users, by the users. This content is unbiased and hence, helps generate goodwill in the market as well!

Language and Style Customization
Customize the interface of the chat room according to your choice of colors and style with AtomChat’s multilingual chat software. AtomChat has 9 inbuilt languages, also you can add the language of your region at any time for an Enhanced User Experience.

User Engagement Metrics
Easily track the number of users and messages exchanged by them on your website through the Admin Panel. Email and push notification extensions can be used to notify sellers and potential buyers. Keeping both the parties engaged on your platform.

Create membership levels on your website and offer premium membership to premium sellers and buyers. Monetize by charging per minute or per message.

Content Moderation
Maintain a friendly experience for users on your platform. AtomChat gives you access to ban emails, phone numbers, and hyperlinks. You can also filter out inappropriate words from the Admin Panel.

Why AtomChat for Marketplace Communication?

Group and Private Chat
Connect privately through one-on-one chat or can have a group chat. This creates a quality experience for a personalized connection. Plus, it uplifts the growth rate of your marketplace website.

Chat Embedding
Easily embed the AtomChat software through our plugin. No coding at all required. To know more, click here.

Video and Voice Calling
Give your users an added advantage to speak about their product/service freely and positively. Video calling makes it much easier for the users to understand and explain!

Video Broadcast
Through video broadcasting, users can have a group of people collectively on board. Saves time and broadens the reach. Through marketplace chat, connect with more potential clients can be built in a single frame of time.

File Sharing
Sharing any type of files: pictures, audio, video, documents supports awareness. Being authentic facilitates gaining a loyal audience. Sample pictures of the desired product can be made available.

White Label App
Publicize your brand and logo on your marketplace chat with the white label app feature. AtomChat will be available for your users anytime anywhere, once they log in with your marketplace website credentials.

How AtomChat helps Vendors to keep Transparency and Build Trust.

AtomChat lets the users be in charge of their communication. Giving the sellers a sense of ownership and accessibility to market in a descriptive manner. 

On the other hand, buyers also want to feel confident about the purchase. With an ample number of options to connect with the seller through marketplace chat, they find it easy to get the desired information.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, AtomChat can help your users in matching the demand and supply on your marketplace website. Genuine user reviews and feedback boost the success of your marketplace.

Track user engagement

AtomChat gives you full access to track and measure user engagement on your marketplace   website. You can easily monitor the chat activity through the Admin Panel of AtomChat. Not only this, with AtomChat you can see the number of users and their messages exchanged in time intervals of 24 hours, 30 days, and at all times.

A chat room is an ideal incorporation to your marketplace website. Considering all the above-listed features of AtomChat, you bring all your users to come and chat with each other using your platform. Launch with confidence and enhance the performance of your marketplace website. 

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