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Create an engaging and active community with AtomChat’s community builder plugin. Engage and connect your community members through real time chat on your website.

AtomChat plugin for Enabling Communication in your Community

Give your community a platform to communicate and collaborate. The AtomChat plugin enables you to build an online chat room for your community website. It is easy to install and involves no-coding at all.
AtomChat is super-easy to integrate into your WordPress website. It is affordable, customizable and requires no maintenance on your part. To know more, click here.

How AtomChat helps your community website

Staying connected
The users of your community website stay connected with each other through private and group chat. They feel a part of the community and participate in the discussions. It builds strong relationships and increases transparency.

Retain and engage users
You can engage and retain your users by giving them a platform to connect with each other on your website with the help of AtomChat. Forget redirecting them to another website or page to get them connected, by installing the AtomChat plugin, you can create chatrooms on your website and give your users the full social community experience on one platform!
Expert knowledge
Your website can become a portal of knowledge base for your users with the help of AtomChat. With this plugin, you can easily get experts of different fields connected with your users and get them collaborating and sharing ideas in real time!    

A well developed community will be self-maintained. By creating group and private chat rooms, they feel motivated and in charge of their respective chat rooms. This also helps them feel a sense of belonging and also helps them gain ownership of their communication.

Content rich
The chat community on your website posts their views and ideas. This makes your website content-rich and a platform for authentic and genuine discussions. A perfect example of user generated content.

Interactive forums
Your website through AtomChat can be a base for interactive forums. Through group chat and video broadcasting, the forums become more structured, engaging and exciting for the users.

Efficient medium
Community website chat rooms can prove to be an efficient and effective medium of exchanging information. They provide a quick and easy gateway for information to be shared in real time in comparison to an email. 

Safe and secure
With safety compliances such as GDPR in place, AtomChat ensures protection of data. It is a reliable and secure chat software for your community website and its members. 

By giving the control to restrict access based on user memberships and giving the option to run advertisements, you can monetize from your community website chat room. You also have the option to charge per message or per minute.

AtomChat for community builders

AtomChat understands the diverse needs of community websites and offers a number of features to grow your online community.

Audio and Video Call
Users of your community can interact with each other using the audio and video chat feature of AtomChat. They can now skip typing text messages and get on a quick call to get their message across. AtomChat is easy to use and provides HD quality, uninterrupted video calling that will keep your community users glued to your website and also build a sense of trust and confidence.

Group and Private Chat
Your users can enjoy private conversations and collaborate with groups. AtomChat lets them create an unlimited number of groups on your website. Groups can have their own topics and interests.

Video Conferencing
With video conferencing as a part of your community chat rooms, users can go beyond discussions. They can plan forums, activities, meet ups and much more.

Users of your community website chat rooms can collaborate in real time with . AtomChat is equipped with features such as whiteboard and screen sharing to make collaboration easy and fun.

Be a part of the community chat and forget about language barriers. AtomChat has 9 in-built languages for chat rooms. You can translate conversations to your own language for an enhanced User Experience.

AtomChat allows you to customize the interface of your community chat rooms. Create community website chat rooms with your choice of colours and appearance with the help of the powerful Admin Panel of AtomChat.

Content Moderation
The Admin Panel of AtomChat lets you moderate content. You can restrict the sharing of emails, phone numbers and hyperlinks. Profanity filters can also be applied by banning words to avoid unwanted spam.

Measure your user engagement

You can monitor the number of users and their conversations on your website. This can be done from the Admin Panel of AtomChat. Get an overview of usage and determine growth at a glance


AtomChat can be integrated successfully with 30+ platforms! You can visit our integrations page and try AtomChat plugin for popular CMSs like:

• WordPress
• xenForo chat
• WoltLab Suite Chat
• vBulletin Cloud Chat
• Vanilla Forums Chat
• Teachable Chat
• SuiteCRM Chat
• SocialEngine
• PHP Chat
• SocialEngine Cloud Chat
• Joomla

Why community website chat?

‣ Active Participation
‣ Ensures User Engagement
‣ Faster Communication
‣ Building Relationships and Trust
‣ Organising Online Forums and Webinars
‣ Reliable Platform
‣ Valuable and Actionable Insights
‣ Resourceful

Community website chat - a treasure trove of information

Community website chat is one of the best tools for communication. It helps in increasing your website’s recognition and helps gain notability. It also helps convert passive visitors into actively engaged users.

AtomChat will give your website a real-time voice and personality. Convert your site into a platform that builds connections among the community. 
With AtomChat present on your website, experts can share their valuable insights and help others. Guidance and mentorship aids in bonding the community well. 

Free to start, affordable as you grow

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