For Brands

Create closer customer connects with AtomChat for Brand. This brand community platform enables unique expression possibilities that help you relate better with your target audience. Realize exponential business growth driven by high user retention and repurchases using the power of branded communities. Take customer trust and brand loyalty to the next level using AtomChat for Brand’s powerful community branding features.


Exclusive product usage reviews
Organize pre-launch, beta sampling, trial period, and concept reviews that resonate with your buyers. 

Feedback on existing products and services
Listen to your customers as you build their personal brand of choice.

Updates about your brand’s vision
Stay in the loop when it comes to your brand direction and possibilities.

Keep the brand buzz alive
Your fanbase stays up to date with latest updates, events, and partnerships.

Accelerate user engagement levels
Drive conversations between users and get access to newer brand offering ideas.

Ensure clear, sustained messaging
Use an online brand community for transparent messaging—minus the social media clutter.

Recession-proof revenue streams
Guarantee income by creating a brand community around your brand.


Easy to integrate
Quick setup aided by on-demand White-Glove Integration Assistance.

Interactive and Collaborative
Enable community members with white boards and screen share features.

Real-time, Multilingual Chat
Dissolve geographical boundaries with powerful Translation features.

HD Audio and Video Calls
Let community members catch up over seamless voice, video, and conference calls.

Give advanced file sharing and audio note capabilities across chat windows.

Unlimited Groups
Let your customers create as many groups as they want—without user limits.

No-code, no server headaches
Helps you focus on Brand Community building rather than technical hassles.

Email Notifications
Ensures that users don’t miss out on interactions and messages, even while offline.

Free to start, affordable as you grow

Our pricing plan starts at $16/month. Whichever plan you choose, the first 14 days are on us. Only pay once you're convinced.

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