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May 17, 2022
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Mohammad Shoaib
Sr. Accounts Manager @ AtomChat
7 mins read

A vibrant online community is a platform where every participant or member has a voice. It is a space for like-minded people with shared interests for meaningful interaction and engagement. So that they can share their vulnerable truths, and discuss and exchange their ideas, thoughts, and views. And build long-lasting relationships among themselves, and with the community host. 

Your private online learning community, for instance, can be a great way to bring together students with common or similar educational goals. This way, they can collaborate better: and discuss their course contents, topics, and specific assignments with one another. They can ask and answer questions related to their lessons and learnings. Your community is for both, peer-to-peer engagement and engagement with the teacher or instructor.

Else, you may have created an online community dedicated to the development of life skills or professional skills. Or, coaching. As the community creator or promoter, you need to make your users comfortable. So that they do not hesitate to share their problems, confusions, and doubts. Ask both their coach and fellow learners questions. Even answer peers’ queries. Try to resolve mutual issues, and help each other in all other ways. All in an environment of fellow feelings and strong bonding.

Your online community has the potential to transform your fans and followers into engaged evangelists. Those who can convert the visitors to your community into loyal members. Who then spread a positive message about your expertise, thought-leadership, and the community itself. 

Benefits of an Online Community

Create an online community that fulfills what your audience—fans, followers, and like-minded individuals—are looking for. They gradually become a part of your ecosystem. You get ample opportunities to know about them, more and more closely. You grow your influence and thought leadership in the area of your passion and choice.

Some key benefits of your online community include:

  • Know your users: There are patterns to your users’ descriptions of their needs and issues. You get to understand their before-and-after states. Know them closely and customize your offerings accordingly.
  • Drive innovation: Your community users are the ones who can tell you best about what they love, need, hate, use, never use, etc. So, they catalyze or influence improvements in what you do. 
  • Cut support costs: As your users engage more and more, they let you know the issues with your offerings and content. Besides, they help each other in resolving some issues. This helps you cut your support costs.
  • Leverage your influence: You may be a blogger in your niche, say gardening or painting. Your community tag in your users’ social media profiles or posts can increase your engagement and influence in a big way.

Walking up the right steps

Creating your online community from the ground up may seem scary. At first sight, the process may seem overwhelmingly challenging. Particularly, if you have limited knowledge or experience in this area. How to structure the layout? How do keep members engaged so they return? How to sustain the community? Answering these questions can be a challenge especially if there is pressure from above to get instant results.

But the good news is that there are many ways to go about it. And make it a success. The ones who make it have some key qualities common to them. Clarity of the goals or objectives, the right strategy, technology support, and a never-say-die attitude.

So, clearly define your goals and objectives. Identify a community manager and dedicated staff. Identify core members. Choose a scalable platform that gives you flexibility with many options. Use the right technology tools. Structuring things. And stick to your guns. You can make it.

How about this! To create an online community, every business, individual, or group — big or small — starts at the same point. Investment does not play a big role. You’ve to clearly define the value that members are expecting from your community. There are several steps to find out this. And the key factors involve members. They must: 

  • perceive the community as an extension of themself (for example, common passion)
  • believe the existing members will like the new ones
  • try to accomplish well-defined objectives by joining the community
  • Get onboarded through a well-defined structure
  • Become rewarded for quality contributions to the community

Advantage AtomChat: Make your task stupid-easy, fast, and fun!

That’s right. You need not look beyond AtomChat! 

Its group chat feature has all the necessary features and functionality you need today and in the near future. Use them to create and make your online community vibrant. The one that engages and converts. Just integrate AtomChat’s chat plugin to make it super easy, highly interactive, and intensely engaging. For you as the creator, and your moderator and community members. 

Start the chat integration process. Take a coffee break. And it is over! It is as simple and quick as that! You still feel uncomfortable with the process. AtomChat’s friendly team of experts will be happy to do the job for you. And get it up and running on your website instantly. 

Let your community of followers, fans, and partners engage easily and quickly. Make online discussions, exchange of ideas, and learning on your community platform interactive and enjoyable. 

• Community growth with friendly help: Install the chat plugin yourself or let our friendly team help you. And see your community grow, connect, teach, and learn. Add chat to your website quickly with one of the 30-plus AtomChat integrations. Then spend as much time as you like customizing the experience.

Voice and video calls: You can empower your user community and followers to get on a voice or video call quickly and easily with AtomChat group chat integration. It establishes a reliable and secure connection between your users. For uninterrupted conversations and learning.

AtomChat gives your community a rich and immersive communication experience. The power of HD audio-video calling and conferencing options makes it possible. 

• Group chat powered with multilingual integration: You can create groups. They range from open-to-all, public to password-protected, or invite-only exclusive groups. You can embed them on specific topic pages of your site as well.

Your community members, such as students, can chat with a faculty or someone else speaking even a language different from theirs. Real-time translation does the wonder. Add your UI translations from the admin panel. And configure AtomChat to speak to your users in their language.

Screen-share, whiteboard, and more: AtomChat lets you keep your users engaged with top-class collaborative features. Let them share their screens and explain concepts difficult to grasp. And then there is a whiteboard that they can use to collaborate in real-time. They can contribute, and ideate with each other using the power of the whiteboard. 

• Automatic user importation: Your users are added on the fly with the integration! That is not all, their roles and friend relationships are synced too. So, they can build on existing relationships and enjoy privileges based on their roles.

• In full command with a powerful admin panel: You can control almost all aspects of AtomChat's behavior from its powerful admin panel. For example, things like changing the color are just a click away. Define user behavior and membership level-based feature access using the authority of the admin panel!

• Finally, the crux: While looking for a strong community solution, creators may encounter issues related to member login and workflows. So, it is necessary to integrate third-party features that feel like a first-party experience. And, that’s precisely what you can do after integrating the AtomChat features.

Affordable and scalable, AtomChat focuses on building the best online community platform. So that you can give your users a delightful community experience that they deserve. The AtomChat integration gives you the best of both worlds ̶ an efficient community platform and top-drawer engagement.

AtomChat group chat integration will empower your users to have one-on-one conversations or communicate in a large group. And have a greatly enhanced community experience. You can customize the appearance of the chat. Give role-based access to the users of your community website to have control over what is being shared.


It may be a common belief that building an online community from scratch is tough. And growing it organically too. At first sight, it may seem so. Because you may have limited knowledge or experience. But it isn’t. There are many ways to start your online community with a minimal investment.

First, you need to have clearly defined goals, a community manager, dedicated staff, and knowledge of core members. Second, select a scalable platform that gives you flexibility. And then, use the right and effective technology tools. Structure things. And stick to your community. You can make it.

If you are passionate about what you know or want to do. If want to create an ecosystem for your most engaged audience, this is the time. Rapid digitalization and technology advances are powering virtual learning and work environments. So, there has not been a better time to create your online community. Besides, we are seeing a sudden surge in demand for online education, training, coaching, entrepreneurial ventures, and so on.

Affordable and scalable, AtomChat helps you create and grow an online community. It gives your users an awesome community experience that they deserve. With one of the 30-plus AtomChat integrations, you get the best of both worlds. An efficient community platform, and top-drawer engagement.

Mohammad Shoaib

Shoaib is an Experienced, Senior Account Manager with a zeal for the IT and services industry. Currently, he’s working on Auditing, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and making sure we Skyrocket off the charts.

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