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A Newsletter and Email Campaign Plugin for WordPress and Joomla - AcyMailing

September 21, 2022
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Yojit Kohli
DIgital Marketing Intern @ AtomChat
3 mins read

Once you have established a successful WordPress or Joomla website or an online store, the next step is to connect with your customers through newsletters. It is a way to communicate with them—inform them about upcoming products or events, thank them for subscriptions, or remind them of the products in their carts.

Setting up a newsletter involves creating, managing, and tracking the sent mails. Creating a newsletter alone can be quite time-consuming and tiresome, and with the other additional tasks, the process becomes quite complicated.

However, AcyMailing, a newsletter plugin, takes all the difficult tasks off your hands. The process is automated, and you can master the features quickly. Continue reading to learn more about AcyMailing and some of its most useful features.

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AcyMailing is a premium Newsletter plugin that works with WordPress and Joomla. As it works with both Content Management Systems (CMS), switching from one to the other does not create problems with the mailing system.

The plug-in's easy setup makes it suitable for beginners. As a result, even customers with no programming knowledge can utilize its newsletter service to promote their products and services. With AcyMailing, you do not have to worry about setting up an HTML code.

is easy with available templates and an integrated editor. It features a drag-and-drop builder, a sleek built-in dashboard, no limits on subscribers, no limit on messages sent, 24/7 support, and many other amazing features and functions.

AcyMailing Features

Here are a few features that AcyMailing offers:

●      Manual e-mail option plus recurring scheduled campaigns

●      E-mails in response to triggers like subscription, purchase, and so on

●      WooCommerce integration

●      No HTML coding required

●      Automatic user management, subscribing, and unsubscribing

●      Double opt-in

●      Social media sharing

●      Many add-ons

●      Mass subscription filters

●      Multilingual interfaces

●      Ensures your newsletter is not marked as spam

●      Newsletter tracking


It is a complete tool for everything newsletter-related, and you do not require other additional plug-ins.

Benefits of AcyMailing

● Allows you to easily create templates.

● You can test the content to make sure there is nothing wrong with keywords, images, and links.

● Works with both WordPress and Joomla.

● You can insert content from your E-commerce site and make the most of the integration.

● You can send emails from the same server or an external SMTP source.

● You can set up automated messages. There is no limit on the audience size, and you can send new content on a regular basis.

● You do not have to worry about the emails and newsletters reaching the destination.

● You can personalize your newsletter by inserting receiver information, custom coupon codes, events to attend, and more. You can also send birthday newsletters, conditional notifications, and abandoned cart reminders.

● The data analysis function will help you learn who has opened the newsletter, who clicked on what link, and more. You will also have a heat map for the more frequently clicked links. This helps strategize and optimize marketing campaigns.

● The mail tester tool ensures your mail is not read as spam.

● It provides information on how many people visited the website, how much time they spent on it, and more.

● You can also find out how much money the newsletter has helped you make.

Who Are AcyMailing Customers?

AcyMailing is ideal for the following categories of people:

● Freelancers

● Mid-size businesses

● Small businesses

● Large enterprises

● Public administrations

● Non-profit organizations

AcyMailing Pricing

AcyMailing offers free as well as several paid plugins. With each upgraded pack, you get upgraded features.

The different packs available are:

● Free: manual sending, unlimited number of emails, personalized newsletters, unlimited number of users, simple statistics, and a powerful newsletter editor.

● Essential ($29/year): features of the free pack plus additional features like automatically sent newsletters, captcha protection, custom support, and advanced statistics.

● Enterprise ($89/year): features of the essential pack plus many others like follow-up emails, list segmentation, spam testing, conditional triggers, integration access, bounce back handling, front-end management, and more. This is the most popular pack that several medium and small business owners prefer.

● Multi-site ($389/year): features of the enterprise pack plus support for every site and discounted price.

Templates Pack

The template pack offers 10 newsletter templates. You can check the images and see previews of the templates before buying the pack.

The pack offers already-made templates that you just need to download, unzip, and install to send beautiful newsletters to your Joomla and WordPress users. The pack is a one-time purchase that you can use for a lifetime.


AcyMailing is a newsletter plugin that helps you engage with your customers via newsletters. It helps you send emails and automated messages and allows you to analyze your newsletters' reach. It offers fantastic features and is quite simple to use, requiring no coding knowledge.

Yojit Kohli

Yojit is a young Digital Marketing enthusiast. At AtomChat, he works in the Marketing function while still pursuing his education.

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A Newsletter and Email Campaign Plugin for WordPress and Joomla - AcyMailing

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