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How to Add a Chat Feature to Your Website: The Complete Guide

March 4, 2021
Sonakshi Agarwal
Marketing Specialist @ AtomChat
10 min read

Texting has become the new normal in the world we live in today. We humans have become more accustomed to typing rather than talking.

In this fast paced world, would you rather type a quick message confirming your plan tonight with a friend or go through the slower process of calling them. I think we all know the answer to this!

Advances in text chatting

Today, we have chat applications available for all walks of life. Be it Discord for avid gamers, Slack for business communication, or even Instagram Messenger for socializing with your mates.

What in the 2000s was IM, evolved into community websites such as Reddit and Quora. They are great places for users to talk to each other but the conversations are not real-time. *(At the time of writing this article, Reddit had started using real-time messaging)

Your interests could range from Anime to Country Music to Martin Scorsese, due to the advancements in applications, today you have a safe space not only to make friends but to feel as a part of a community.

Does your website need a chat feature?

The building blocks to creating this virtual community would be the integration of a real-time chat application that would allow users to communicate instantly.

This application could help hundreds and thousands of people not only interact but create relationships that last a lifetime!

Therefore, it becomes necessary for your website to have a chat plugin that could fulfill and empower all communication that your user might want to participate in!

6 Must have features for a chat plugin

Before you go ahead and buy yourself a chat plugin, let me tell you what you ought to know. A good chat plugin absolutely must have these features:

#1: Group and Private Text Chat

You should be able to choose to give your users a private space to communicate one on one with like-minded people or you can also provide them the opportunity to build a community of people coming from different backgrounds but with the same thought process.

#2: Audio and Video Chat

What if two people want to see or talk to each other but live in two different parts of the world? Taking that stress away from your users by helping them with Audio as well as Video calling options will set you apart from your peers. Having a text-based chat application, even though a good start, would limit your users’ reach. The importance of putting a voice and face to a text is the need of the hour and hence, the chat plugin on your website must have audio and video chat features.

#3: Multilingual Integration

Language is a barrier that's meant to be broken. Any service provided must be inclusive of everyone and anyone. While choosing your chat system, you must pay heed to the fact that your users won’t just be situated in one city of the world but would be part of the global community.

#4: Screenshare Integration

Nothing makes a community feel more connected than collaborating on similar ideas. Helping make collaboration easy by introducing screen sharing is a must have nowadays. Your users should be able to share their screens with anyone in their community and help build and grow complex ideas!

#5: Admin Panel

Power to customize is what sets you apart from others. Having your own identity and style gives you a distinct identity and helps make you visible. The Admin Panel on your plugin should give you all the tools you require to run the chat system as smoothly as possible while not compromising on style because style and substance need to go hand in hand!

#6: White Labelled App

In today’s fast-paced world, your users shouldn’t miss a conversation on the go. Having a white-labeled app that helps facilitate this will help you gain traction and open new doors for you and your users’.

How to add a chat system to your website? Presenting AtomChat!

AtomChat is the new group and private chat plugin that provides you the power to create your community and thrive. It’s the easiest and quickest way for adding a chat feature to your website and gives you the power to connect tens of thousands of people.

AtomChat also effortlessly integrates with more than 30+ platforms like:

  • WordPress Chat
  • BuddyPress Chat
  • Drupal Chat
  • Bubble Chat
  • Canvas LMS Chat
  • DatingScript Chat
  • CS-Cart Chat
  • Crea8 Social Chat

And many more. Check all the integrations here.

Get in touch

So don’t wait and get in touch with us for all your chat needs and we would be more than happy to help you out and make your ideas a reality!

We know this is just the beginning for us and we can’t wait for the journey ahead with all of you!

So head on over to to learn more about all these features and much more that we offer and give us a try!

Sonakshi Agarwal

Sonakshi is a marketing specialist at AtomChat, who has just graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Technology, Sydney.

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