Create your Social Network Using WordPress and the AtomChat Private Chat Plugin

With the AtomChat private chat plugin integrated into your WordPress site, build your online community and enable them to communicate and collaborate in minutes.

WordPress - Your Online Playground

AtomChat - your personal messenger

Privacy - A prerequisite not an entitlement

Group Chat and Private Chat easily available with AtomChat.

Define with High Definition

Your Chat, Your Voice, Personalize it!

Moderate, Don’t Tolerate

From Ciao to Ni Hao, a global network awaits

Group audio and video call and conference with AtomChat.

Indulgent yet Economical

Compliant and Proud

Install Today!

Group Chat and Private Chat easily available with AtomChat.

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Our Customers love us

Since its launch AtomChat has received amazing reviews from customers everywhere.

"Among many other unique needs, we needed a chat integration that offered real time messaging, audio calls, video calls and a white board option similar to competitors on the market.Searching the market for the right solution was difficult and a bit scary. Rarely you will find a product that is both compelling and supported by an incredible team, while there may be products like AtomChat on the market, from our personal experience, NONE of these solutions comes close in terms of customer service and quality. Everything we need, from messaging to collaborative options is offered by AtomChat. We have not looked back since choosing AtomChat and are looking forward to a long and fruitful future with them!"

Kameron James Moshier
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

"I've used AtomChat for nearly 5 months, and through the integration process with my app I've not only been helped quickly by support by a number of times, but it was also quite seamless. They have integration guides for a variety of software. The docked and embedded views for the chat are fast, easy to setup, and still very modular. We're using AtomChat to create a communication network for a marketplace of funds and investors, and using their instant messaging and video/audio calls."

Alex Johnson
Chief Technical Officer
“Most ground-breaking chat software.”
“High performer in cloud communications.”
“This is the best voice chat plugin!”

Free to start, affordable as you grow

Our pricing plan starts at $16/month. Whichever plan you choose, the first 14 days are on us. Only pay once you're convinced.

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