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10 Best Freelance Marketplace WordPress Themes for 2024

June 23, 2021
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Aniket L.
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
8 min read

The dawn of the digital age has also brought about a change in our workforce. Instead of the regular old 9-5 job, people now prefer to work on their own time on their terms. According to data 35% of the global workforce is now dominated by freelancers. The majority of these freelancers (75%) are not only satisfied with their working conditions but would also not prefer to go back to their previous work life. 

As a freelancer, you get an independent flexible schedule that allows you to see the world beyond your work, as well as work-life balance.

Freelancers also earn on their terms and charge a fee they deem fit for their services. Statistics show that skilled freelancers earn an average wage of $28 per hour. Not just that, but the global freelance economy is said to be worth $4.2 trillion

With such a huge market and so many more aspiring freelancers looking to enter the workforce, many believe now is the time to capitalize on this growing market, especially, given the success of platforms such as UpWork and Fiverr. 

Hence, entrepreneurs are now looking to build and run their freelance marketplace websites, given the returns it brings.

Even though building such a website is quite simple because of the ease with which people can now develop online platforms with no prior technical knowledge, it’s imperative to know what theme and interface will make your platform stand out and get more freelancers and potential employers on it. 

In this article we would focus on Freelance Marketplace WordPress Themes that would elevate and enhance your Freelance Marketplace site -

  1. WPFreelance
  2. ExpertHive 
  3. Exertio
  4. HireBee
  5. Workreap
  6. Pricerr
  7. Taskerr
  8. MicroJobEngine
  9. TaskHive
  10. Exertio

Before we begin with the list, here's an honourable mention to WP Theme by AtomChat:

AtomUnity WP is a simple yet powerful free WP theme for community, LMS or marketplace sites. It's built with WordPress, so you can use it to create your own community-driven sites effortlessly.

AtomChat is already a well known WordPress Plugin. Having a combined theme+plugin power will give your website all sorts of functionalities. From Social, educational, conversational to Monetary.

Interactive and Community-driven websites are popular these days, because they give people a way to connect with each other. Whether you're building a community around a specific cause or interest, hobby, or just want to build an exclusive community of people who like the same thing as you do, this WP theme is the perfect solution.
AtomChat being a popular WordPress Plugin their theme is highly compatible with more features such as:

1. Easy to Integrate

2. Interactive & Collaborative

3. Works with all plugins

4. Secured Admin Controls

5. Communication-centric with Real-time language translations

6. Unlimited groups

7. Easy to monetize your content

Let's move on with the list:

1. WPFreelance

WPFreelance is one of the most responsive and easy-to-use Freelance Marketplace WordPress themes. 

It comes with a sleek design and interface which makes it aesthetically pleasing for the user and also makes it simpler to navigate. This minimalist freelance marketplace template also allows you to have full control over the website through its Admin Panel. You can now easily keep track of everything on your freelance platform, from user databases to transactions.

Feature Highlights 

  • Ready to use Escrow System (Credit Card and PayPal)
  • Monetization Features such as Commission fee and Membership Subscription
  • Project Submission and Bidding to get the best results
  • Dispute Management to help keep everything under control
  • Workspace for freelancers and employers to communicate

Price – 1 Site – $79/OneTime

2. ExpertHive

ExpertHive is a clean Freelance marketplace WordPress  theme that's excellent for creating on-demand service marketplaces like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit. ExpertHive includes all of the necessary marketplace functionality, such as front-end listing submission, user dashboards, requests, payouts, and commissions.

The ExpertHive marketplace functionality is powered by HivePress, an open-source WordPress directory plugin, and WooCommerce, which supports hundreds of payment methods globally which makes it the best freelancer theme for WordPress. These connections include all of the capabilities needed to start a freelance marketplace. ExpertHive eliminates the need to purchase third-party plugins, allowing you to just plug and play.

Feature Highlights

  • Two ways to monetize your marketplace website: You may charge freelancers to offer their services on your marketplace and receive a cut of all customer transactions.
  • It is HTML5 and CSS3 optimized. You may choose to send email alerts for new job listings.
  • Option for featured services (at an additional price) that appear at the top of search results and receive increased visibility.
  • Highly customizable as there are no hardcoded fields or categories.
  • The theme is fully compatible with the Gutenberg page builder, allowing you to create pages on your marketplace using layout blocks.

Price – 1 Site – $79/OneTime

3. Exertio

Exertio is a freelance marketplace WordPress theme designed to help you establish service marketplaces similar to Upwork. Users dashboards, freelancer ratings, a commission system, payouts, milestones creation, and other vital elements for peer-to-peer networks are included. However, because the theme lacks custom fields and search filters, you'll have to rely on the current ones, which limits the theme's flexibility.

Because the theme is WooCommerce-integrated, you can rest confident that users will be able to use any of the various payment channels when it comes to monetization. Exertio is also completely compatible with the Elementor page builder, which makes using the drag-and-drop capability to design your site much easier.

By the way, if you don't want to start from scratch with your service marketplace, the theme comes with 5+ samples that you can import in no time.

Feature Highlights

  • Video calls are now integrated with Zoom's video call capability.
  • Employers and freelancers each have their own set of fields.
  • Responsive design, consistent throughout all major devices
  • Independent contractors' areas of specialization
  • Sectional Statements and On-Site Notifications
  • Log in and registration sections, as well as proof of sending an email and validating one's identification.

Price – Regular License – $79/OneTime (1 Site)

4. HireBee

HireBee is another minimalist Freelance Marketplace theme for highly functional WordPress. The clean and modern designed theme comes with 5 built-in color schemes for customization or you can also utilize WordPress tools for the same. The theme also has a powerful user dashboard that keeps your users’ updated with their notifications, projects, proposals, purchases, reviews, contact info, site stats, and favorites. Each project is also clearly marked with its current status.

Using HireBee, you can attractively display your best projects on the home page as well as category pages. Create a responsive website that works the same way on all browsers and devices.

Feature Highlights

  • Custom Project Form for detailed and specific project instructions
  • Workspace for better project management
  • Save Filters Widget to make job posting easier
  • Terms Negotiation before job acceptance for smoother work relationship
  • Job Categories and Find Work Tab for easy job navigation

Price – Standard – $69/Onetime,  Club – $199/OneTime (All Theme)

5. Workreap

Workreap is one of the most exciting and feature-packed Freelance Marketplace Themes available for WordPress. Workreap freelance marketplace WordPress theme has all the features to run a successful Freelance website and then some more. 

The theme not only comes with multiple design variations for your homepage but also comes with features such as social login to help streamline the signup process, real-time language translation to make sure job search and communication aren’t restricted to any barriers, and a review system to help give constructive feedback.

In terms of customization, the theme is compatible with Elementor and Unyson page builders, allowing you to construct your website's layout with ease. It's also worth noting that this freelance marketplace WordPress theme is also available for an Android and iOS app for a fee.

Feature Highlights

  • Powerful Dashboard to enrich the user experience 
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateway
  • CSV User Import 
  • Favorite Jobs, Freelancers, and Employer listing for ease of navigation
  • AtomChat integration for quicker, smoother communication

Price – Regular License – $89/OneTime (1 Site), Extended 12-Month Support - $28.88/Additional

6. Pricerr

The SiteMile store's Pricerr Theme is a lovely, modern marketplace theme. This theme features an appealing design that may be used to construct a micro job site. It has all of the essential features of a marketplace site, including multi-currency compatibility, PayPal integration, email notifications, private messaging, and more.

Pricerr is unique in that it allows you to integrate a mobile app with your website. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as well as other add-on features, can provide you with a whole new channel for acquiring new consumers and vendors.

Feature Highlights

  • Private Messaging 
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Job Comparison Table to provide different levels of expertise service

Price- One time or Monthly plans starting from $39

7. Taskerr

Taskerr is the theme to choose for your website if you’re looking for something simple, clean, and stylish. This freelance marketplace template is also equipped with a powerful backend panel that lets you control the frontend of your website and run it smoothly and seamlessly. All you have to do now is alter the font and start publishing job ads.

Taskerr is a top-notch, fully responsive micro job theme from the AppThemes development club. You can create a job marketplace as powerful as Fiverr with Taskerr WordPress Freelancer marketplace theme.

This user-friendly theme can be used to create websites for task marketplaces, chores, and tutoring services. This theme was designed specifically for micro jobbing websites, and it includes all of the necessary elements for displaying tasks for sale or purchase on the internet. Thanks to the Taskerr WordPress marketplace theme, your website may appear to be a well-known micro-job website. 

Feature Highlights

  • Monetize your site by charging sellers a fixed price for listing their services. You can also charge them a percentage for each sale
  • Mark services as favorites for ease of use and navigation
  • Notifications to keep your customers in the loop about the marketplace
  • Detailed service listing for clearer communication
  • Choice of 5 pre-installed color schemes and fonts
  • 15+ HTML email templates 

Price – Standard – $69/Onetime,  Club – $199/OneTime (All Theme)

8. MicroJobEngine

MicrojobEngine is one of the most popular job bidding themes, with a recent release from the EngineThemes expert panel and a business strategy that is quite similar to Fiverr. The theme has helped to bridge the gap between users who post jobs or services and freelancers who bid on those projects professionally. 

Micro Job Engine is a business-oriented theme that allows service providers to create a professional profile and service description page, as well as sell their expertise to a wider audience. This theme is great for those who place custom orders as well as those who provide unique services.

Feature Highlights

  • 2 beautiful layouts (Blue and Green) pre-built for your business
  • Interactive User Dashboard to manage orders, jobs, earnings, messages, analytics, and withdrawals, all at a common platform.
  • On-site Notifications
  • Trusted Review and rating system for the professionals
  • Secure and Safe Payment System under Admin Control

Price- Annual- $89(Basic), $189(Plus), $329(Pro)

9. TaskerHive

TaskerHive is a simple yet sophisticated bidding marketplace theme built with Bootstrap 3 and validated by w3.org. The all-purpose theme is a simple solution for resumes, job portals, job directories, recruiters, portfolios, and job postings. Use the TaskHive WordPress freelance marketplace theme to create an online marketplace for services or digital distribution. TaskHive comes with everything you'll need to get started selling fixed-price services or digital downloads on the internet. There are no third-party components or plugins required, and nine free extensions are available.

Feature Highlights

  • The WooCommerce plugin is included with the theme.
  • This theme allows you to customize your commission rates.
  • The ability to offer attachments with Digital Downloads simplifies the process of selling digital files.
  • Order complaint areas allow customers to express their dissatisfaction with their orders.
  • Sellers get access to 30 days of sales data through Sales Statistics.
  • Businesses can use the Payout Request feature to request payment of their sales revenues.

Price – 1 Site – $79/OneTime

10. Exertio 

WordPress freelance marketplace theme Exertio is designed to launch service marketplaces like Upwork with WordPress. It includes many essential features for peer-to-peer platforms, such as user dashboards, freelancer ratings, services add-ons, milestones creation, etc.

Considering the theme is integrated with WooCommerce, users can choose from any of the available payment gateways when it comes to monetization.

Feature Highlights - 

  • It supports both fixed and hourly pricing options, allowing freelancers and agencies to choose what works best for them.
  • Exertio provides a customizable portfolio display to showcase freelancers' and agencies' past work.
  • It offers social media integration to help freelancers and agencies reach a wider audience and promote their services.
  • Exertio is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that clients can access freelancers' services from any device.


Workreap freelancer marketplace WordPress theme has one-to-one AtomChat Third Party compatibility with complete Audio, Video, and Files Sharing Chat. and many to follow the suit. You can upgrade to one of the plans to work with Workreap Freelance Marketplace themes.

Which theme from this list do you think is the best for your Freelance Marketplace? Let us know!

Aniket L.

Aniket is a student of marketing and is an avid reader. In his spare time, he likes to write innovative and educative content that would help people.

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