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11 BuddyPress Plugins To Help You Build Stunning Community Sites

May 25, 2022
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Rashmi Mathur
Account Manager @ AtomChat
7 Min read

Whatever may be the purpose behind or the type of your website. You’ll always look to find ways to get, retain, and engage your visitors. And you know just owning a website isn’t enough. Content is king. But that doesn’t win alone either, does it? 

But add community functionality to your website. And see the magic! 

An online community site creates great value for your business or passion. It expands your user base for meaningful outcomes or grows your entrepreneurship. Your community/networking site helps you build lasting, win-win relationships with your users. And boosts user engagement and retention like nothing else. And that’s where BuddyPress community plugins come into play. 

How do you pick the most fitting one from plugins galore? 

There are a significant number of options to create a community site. WordPress is an excellent platform for almost all kinds of websites. And all WordPress sites mainly depend on the BuddyPress plugin for creating community websites. 

This open-source feature-rich social networking WordPress plugin lays the foundation on which you can build an amazing membership/community website. 

With loads of core features and functionalities for creating a stunning community site, BuddyPress brings out the best of your WordPress platform. It empowers you with many must-have features: activity stream, member profile, register/login page, and many more. So, you don’t need to create a community platform from the ground up. 

You may still feel it necessary to install some more plugins to add extra features to meet your specific needs. And there are plenty of community plugins out there. 

So, to choose the right plugin/plugins, you must be careful. Consider some crucial aspects such as: 

  • Ease of use, flexibility, and adaptability to changing technology
  • Add-on support
  • Loading speed
  • Responsiveness—compatibility with all devices
  • The capability of seamless integration with other WordPress plugins being used
  • Authentication and access control

Further, all WordPress themes are not compatible with the BuddyPress plugin. So, if you wish to own a BuddyPress community, you better install a BuddyPress theme. 

Here is a list of 11 Top BuddyPress Plugins that meet all your leading-edge community/networking needs. Boost your website with mind-boggling community functionalities. And take your site to the next level through increased user retention and engagement. Pick the one that meets your needs to perfection. 

1. Youzify

Youzify is one of the most comprehensive BuddyPress social plugins. It changes how your site looks and functions. And brings your site tons of cutting-edge community features and management solutions. Users can create a Facebook-like profile page. Or use the social login feature to connect an existing social media profile. 

Key features: 

  • Ensures membership login security through advanced captcha, limited login attempts, etc 
  • Integrates easily with myCred, bbPress, WooCommerce, MailChimp, and other plugins and themes to boost community engagement 
  • The collection covers 15-plus color schemes, 35 widgets, and 14 header styles 
  • Comes with a resourceful Ajax admin panel for customizations with 700+ templates 

2. Ultimate Membership Pro

This is a must-have plugin for any community/membership site. It's the top-selling membership WordPress plugin in the Envato marketplace. It creates multi-level exclusive access to the membership. You can offer free users to paid plans defining various levels of access. And add 40 different add-ons that come with this plugin. 

Key features: 

  • Admin can follow users’ activity and subscription status from their dedicated member dashboard
  • Offers built-in subscriptions that include MailChimp, PayPal, etc
  • Admin can impose restrictions on specific types of content 

3. AtomChat

A chat module gives your users specific and clear information. Answers their issues and queries. And eases them into engagement and collaboration. 

The AtomChat chat plugin is designed to work across all WordPress/BuddyPress websites. Be it a community site or a multivendor marketplace. Across devices and browsers. This high-function chat plugin is your "go-to" add-on. It makes user experience and engagement super simple and fascinating.

Key features:

  •  Communication and collaboration via private and group messages 
  • Rich immersive HD audio-video calling and conferencing 
  • Multilingual integration via real-time translation helps users connect with people across the world

AtomChat being a popular plugin is highly compatible with more features such as:

1. Easy to Integrate

2. Interactive & Collaborative

3. Works with all plugins

4. Secured Admin Controls

5. Communication-centric with Real-time language translations

6. Unlimited groups

7. Easy to monetize your content

4. BuddyBoss Wall

You need this plugin to add a Facebook-like wall to your WordPress/BuddyPress site. And give the best interactive experiences to your users. The BuddyBoss Wall enables your users to interact with wall postings. And see each other’s profiles and a wide-ranging news feed. 

Key features: 

  • Users can add posts, comments, and likes to others’ posts 
  • Users can organize plenty of privacy setting options for an enhanced experience
  • Users can see a personalized news feed covering friends and group activities 

5. UserPro

The plugin empowers you to transform the look and feel of your community site with a better member directory. Your users can log in to your site in the simplest way possible. 

They can use their existing social media profiles to do that. It also allows them to manage their details on your site. You can enable users to build connections and see the activity feeds. 

Key features: 

  • Integrates with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, MyCred, and other third-party apps and plugins 
  • Admin can curb specific contents and give badges to members 
  • Offers a searchable member list

6. rtMedia

Are you looking for a plugin compatible with a large ecosystem? rtMedia is the answer. And for a feature-rich media solution for your BuddyPress, bbPress, or WordPress website. It enables you to attach media to the activity streams. No need for coding, its simple drag-and-drop uploading feature does it all for you. 

The free version ensures seamless integration, templating system, and other basic features. Its premium add-ons cover Instagram-like image effects, myCRED points, social sharing, music playlists, and lists of favorites.

 Key features:

  • Comes with 35+ premium add-ons
  • Helps set Facebook-style cool profiles
  • Ensures media privacy 

7. LearnDash

If you want to create a community education site. And your learners to connect. LearnDash is your go-to plugin. It’s a premium earning management system enabling creators to sell online courses. And ensures seamless integration between BuddyPress and LearnDash. 

It helps course participants to get auto-added to the chat group and collaborate. As the admin, you can create a private group of course participants. 

Key features: 

  • Users can comment on the lesson page and queries
  • Admin can track group interactions through an optional activity stream
  • Admin can control course inception, completion, and grading, and moderate comments 

8. BuddyPress Featured Members

The plugin has all the crucial features to keep your members motivated and engaged. You want to showcase any/some outstanding or active members on your community site.

You can mark them as featured members and showcase them. This incentivizes others to be more active. Maintains, and even boosts, engagement on your platform.

Key features: 

  • Admin can activate the set featured button on a user’s profile page 
  • You can select many users and place many widgets in different sections of the site 
  • You can also make the best use of many great BuddyPress add-ons

9. Location Autocomplete

With this user-friendly plugin, users can connect with people in their area. You can also assign location information to community-related groups.

This plugin helps easy updates of the location data, a crucial aspect of any community site. It also enables members’ accurate location searches. Working with BuddyPress Global Search and BP Profile Search, it adds location fields for user profiles. 

Key features: 

  • Google authentication to predict and auto-fill member location 
  • Members can add the location data at the time of registration
  • Offers customizable address formats

10. BuddyPress Profanity

As your site’s popularity and traffic grow, it gets difficult to track all activities. You need advanced, higher control over such undesirable activities. BuddyPress Profanity plugin will help keep your house in order. The plugin censors your predefined keywords in activities. And in messages, both public and private, on autopilot.

Key features: 

  • Helps import content filters on activities, comments, public and private messages, etc 
  • Enables case-sensitive filters 
  • Cleanses the unwanted expressions from the community 

11. BuddyPress Analytics

You may have created a community website without any hassle. But how do you make it a real success? Understand your users better. And for that, what’s a better tool than an analytics plugin? 

It helps you understand your users better and target them and their needs. With increased focus and precision. Its easy-to-use dashboard provides you with the necessary insights. 

Key features: 

  • Provides key data such as active member count, most-used keywords, user time, etc
  • Shows the number of visits per user, group, and page
  • Summarizes profile stats, shows user count, etc

And finally…

All the 11 BuddyPress plugins can help you create a WordPress community site without starting from scratch. And make it a huge success. But choosing the one that fits the bill isn’t easy.

You have to weigh the various criteria as well as the pros and cons of these stunning plugins. Compatibility, technology adaptability, add-on support, speed, responsiveness, access control, and security of content. All count. 

And finally, your budget. While selecting the premium plugins or paid plans. So that you can unlock the value.

Rashmi Mathur

Rashmi is a sales and support expert with great enthusiasm for technology. Currently, at AtomChat she is helping clients discover possible chat solutions and help them scale new heights.

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