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15 Community WordPress Themes You Should Try for Your Website in 2021

May 28, 2021
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Alina Zahid Khan
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
7 min read

The best way to foster user interaction on your community website is to provide a stellar user experience. Most of the time, it means to have the best design in place.

If you have a WordPress community, you’re in luck! WordPress offers a diverse range of themes that you can pick from, and most (if not all) of those are feature-rich and interactive - which is a huge bonus for any community builder out there.

To take your WordPress community to the next level, you just have to pick the right theme for it. That is why we have compiled a list in this article that will help you get the job done!

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Before we begin with the list, here's an honourable mention to WPΒ Theme by AtomChat:

AtomUnity WP is a simple yet powerful free WP theme for community, LMS or marketplace sites. It's built with WordPress, so you can use it to create your own community-driven sites effortlessly.

AtomChat is already a well known WordPress Plugin. Having a combined theme+plugin power will give your website all sorts of functionalities. From Social, educational, conversational to Monetary.

Interactive and Community-driven websites are popular these days, because they give people a way to connect with each other. Whether you're building a community around a specific cause or interest, hobby, or just want to build an exclusive community of people who like the same thing as you do, this WP theme is the perfect solution.

AtomChat being a popular WordPress Plugin their theme is highly compatible with more features such as:

1. Easy to Integrate

2. Interactive & Collaborative

3. Works with all plugins

4. Secured Admin Controls

5. Communication-centric with Real-time language translations

6. Unlimited groups

7. Easy to monetize your content

Let's begin with the list:

1. Kleo



The Kleo BuddyPress theme takes away the need for you to have any prior website development knowledge to create a highly functional, optimal WordPress community.

If you want to try Kleo out, you can easily install 27 demos and check which one works for you. Moreover, you can easily create a template just for yourself, given the flexibility and features Kleo offers.

Need an interactive admin panel, drag/drop page builder, multiple site layouts? Worry not, Kleo has got you covered! Not only that, but it also supports blogs, eLearning, eCommerce, business directory, portfolios, and of course - community building!

Price: $59.

2. BuddyBoss



BuddyBoss is the ultimate option for people who want to create a feature-rich community. You can easily customize your community to the needs of your venture since the theme is quite flexible!

Integrated with Gutenberg editor and the Elementor page builder, BuddyBoss allows you to design your community in a way that encourages interaction, engagement, and satisfaction amongst users! There are rewards, ranks, achievements, memberships, subscriptions, and other community-centric features offered by BuddyBoss, which enable you to truly build a space for people where they feel valued!

Price: $179

3. Olympus



Olympus is a highly functional page builder that comes equipped with WP Bakery Builder and Elementor. In addition, it streamlines the process of building a social network for people who don’t have prior experiences with website building.

Not only that, but with Olympus, you can make it easier for users to navigate your website. It provides a wonderful Main Mega Menu and Left Menu Panel - so you don’t have to worry about creating a responsive navigation system for your community.

Olympus also provides a stellar Ajax Search extension, which makes user interaction even easier for your visitors.

Price: $68

4. Aardvark



If you want a WordPress theme that prioritizes the community aspect of a site, then Aardvark is a great option! It markets itself as a theme that will help you post updates, create groups, execute private messaging, upload media, search profiles, and integrate the BuddyPress plugin. It can also help you build a paid membership site.

The theme itself is beautifully designed and comes equipped with tons of features. You also get 200+ theme options that you can make a part of your website without involving any sort of code whatsoever.Β 

Price: $65

5. Lynk



A BuddyPress and bbPress compatible theme, Lynk will allow you to develop a community! Moreover, with Lynk you can equip your webpage with features used for new sites, events, online stores, and many other high-functioning platforms that resonate with users all over the world.

It comes with a few surprises such as the Ajax global search, customizable user menu, front-end forms, user notifications, MailChimp integration, and whatnot! So, if you’re looking for a theme that comes packed with such features, Lynk is definitely an option you should look into.

Price: $49

6. Socialize


Socialize is yet another multi-purpose BuddyPress theme that comes with all the tools you could need for building your online community. It also offers bbPress integration, which means that you are getting the best of both worlds.

It is responsive and also offers Ajax filtering. The front-end social login makes management easier on every end, and the theme also supports all the important facets of search engine optimization.

For communities that are aiming to audience a younger audience, there is also a child theme that you can make use of!

Price: $199

7. OneCommunity



OneCommunity enables the user to make a styled social page, that can later be evolved into full-blown communities. It includes features supporting members, group listings, private messages, activities, blogs, forums, profiles, events, media, dashboard, and a host of others!

OneCommunity is also visually very pleasing. It offers a dark mode that operates based on cookies and works well with cache plugins. The color scheme for this one is a sight for sore eyes, so if that is something you value for your website, you should definitely give OneCommunity a try.

Another great thing about OneCommunity is that it offers great dynamic content loading.

Price: $59.

8. Buddy



If you are looking for a fully responsive yet lightweight and ultra-modern theme, Buddy is your friend. It can be used for any kind of website but is even better when put to use for community building. It even works without BuddyPress or bbPress - so really, what else could you possibly want?

Some features of Buddy include:

● BuddyPress integration

● bbPress integration

● Responsive

● One-click install

● Shortcodes

● Front-end login/register interface

● Retina ready

● Search engine optimization (SEO)

● Translation ready

● Icon font (FontAwesome)

● Clean code


See something you like? Well then, get Buddy for your community today!

Price: $199

9. Thrive


For the BuddyPress niche, only a few WordPress themes can compete with Thrive, a powerful community theme that comes stacked with a long list of features. The interface of Thrive is also quite simple and appealing which makes it a desirable option for a website design.

Thrive comes with features such as Thrive Set-up Wizard, WPBakery page builder, personalized login pages, live messages, a project manager, file sharing, collaborative documents, community forums etc, to make your community website invincible in the market.Β 

Thrive provides you the tools to create the community website of your dreams, be it a social site, a learning platform or a forum. The theme also offers you unlimited customization options which makes it easier for you to create a community website that no one can stop!

Price: $17

10. Seeko



Seeko is a community site builder that comes with BuddyPress SuperPowers. It allows you to create a powerful community on your webpage through a plethora of features such as the Gutenberg editor, the Elementor page builder, live front-end header builder, and much more.

The best part about Seeko is that it has 24/7 support, so if things go askew you can simply tap in for some help.

In addition, Seeko also allows you to put your creative energy towards designing a visually appealing website, so if you are planning to evolve the aesthetic aspects of your community, trust Seeko!

Price: $54

Β 11. BeSocial



BeSocial is yet another WordPress theme that makes it easier to build and foster a community online. Each page that you put out with BeSocial is designed with care.

If you are looking to incorporate extended profiles, friend connections, private messaging, activity streams, and other similar features to your website do give BeSocial a try!

It is also highly customizable and flexible to put out, so you can easily work towards making it just the right platform for your community.

Price: $49

12. Gwangi



Gwangi is a multi-purpose WordPress theme you can use to turn your community into an involved social platform. It has all sorts of solutions going on for you, including Elementor support, subscriptions, ads, and paid feature access.

You can pick from the 9 demos available and see which layout corresponds with your purposes the best. It is very quick and easy to set up, so you don’t have to worry about going through the ins and outs of web development just to build your site. All in all, it’s a great solution for anyone looking to take their community to the next level.

Price: $59

13. MetaFans



MetaFans is another social and community theme that comes with rich features and support to build the perfect community-centric webpage. The design is quite simple and straightforward, so if you want to achieve minimalism, go for MetaFans!

It is integrated with Elementor, BuddyPress, bbPress, Directorist, and WooCommerce.

Price: $49

14. Micko



Micko is the most cost-effective solution to your theme problems! You get a sleek and simple webpage for your community at a minimal price. The best part? It is completely responsive!

Some features include:

● Cart Page

● Checkout Page

● Login Page

● Forum Pages

● Blog Pages

● Easy Customizable

● Professional Support

● Life Time Free Update

● Validator.w3.org/

● Creative and unique design

● Designed on 1170px Grid System

● Pixel perfect

● Free Google Fonts

● Free Font Awesome Icons

● Free Unicons Icons

● Free SVG Based Icons


Price: $18

15. Total


The Total theme comes with bbPress integration and is focused on generating as much user interaction as possible. It comes with over 50 different page elements such as buttons, titles, sliders, images, tabs, toggles, and of course bbPress forums, logins, and more.

It is also compatible with features such as the Yoast plugin and WooCommerce, along with some other tools that make it extremely functional and a great choice for any community builder.

Price: $59


Alina Zahid Khan

Alina is a storyteller and a content writer. Her passion is to share knowledge, write helpful content, and play the piano.

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