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17 Essential WordPress Plugins for Marketplace Websites in 2021

April 30, 2021
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Sonia Manjania
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
6 min read

Plugins are a necessity to any WordPress Site, not just owing to the functionality they bring but also due to the customizations they provide. The customizations and features of the plugins help transform your site from just another webpage to a fully functional easy to use website that your users can visit anytime! 

From helping you out with Stock Inventory to Payment Gateways, WordPress Plugins will aid you in all the necessary functions that a good operating online Marketplace should possess! 

But with more than 50,000 plugins available, it could be overwhelming to choose the right plugins that would suit your and your users’ needs, especially for a Marketplace Site. 

Thus, we’ve done the work and compiled a list of 17 Plugins that we believe could help you achieve your goals! 

1. Dokan

Dokan is a popular front end Multi Vendor Marketplace on WordPress. It provides vendors’ their own personalized dashboard on the store front end. They can customize it the way they want. It is also compatible with 60+ other plugins. With this plugin, all functionality is also on the front-end which means that selling, buying, and sellers managing their own store is done in the front-end of your website. Hence, making big changes to your Multi Vendor site won’t affect your users’ activities or their experience! 

To learn more about the Dokan plugin and its features do visit their website!

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce being the world’s most popular e-commerce plugin, is free, flexible and used by the global community. For building a Multi Vendor site, you can use WooCommerce to set up content and commerce.

With WooCommerce, you can:

• Gain Access to Sleek Professional Storefronts

• Customize Pages

• Showcase Products, Bookings, Memberships and Subscriptions

• Add Payment Gateways

• Connect with Shipping Carriers

3.  WCFM

WooCommerce Frontend Manager is a free plugin for WordPress e-commerce websites. It offers features that are must-haves for your website like:

• Set Commission Type

• Withdrawal and Reverse Payments

• Refund

• Enquiry Manager

• Store Policies

• Store Hours

• Shipping

• Delivery 

• Geo Location and Radius Search

• Catalog

• Seller Verification

• Store Invoice

• Notifications

• Announcements

• Bookings

4. WC Vendors Marketplace

WooCommerce Vendors Marketplace is used to build Multi Vendor marketplaces for online art gallery, local farmers market, cooking classes, auction sites, used books store, handmade things. WC Vendors Marketplace plugin usually covers all features that a perfect marketplace website requires such as :

• Shipping

• Payment Gateways

• Vendor Stores

• Vendor Dashboard

• Product Management

• Vendor Discount Management System

5.  YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

Yith WooCommerce Multi Vendor is a free, huge benefit WooCommerce plugin. It creates different sections on your WordPress site namely vendor, commissions and shops. Every section manages the information related to:

• Vendor’s Name, Address, PayPal Account, Store Description

• Vendor’s Product and Image Gallery

• Commission Policy

• Linking Vendor’s Name to his Shop and Products

6. TerraWallet

TerraWallet is a plugin that allows your customers to store money in a digital wallet on your marketplace website. They can add money to the wallet using various payment methods. This can be used to make purchases on the website. With this plugin installed on the website, the customers do not have to fill in their payment details every time. Some of the plugin’s features include: 

• Refund process through wallet money

• Partial payments

• Transaction history 

• Supports other plugins

• Transfer to other users

• Notification emails

7. SMS Alert Order Notifications - WooCommerce

This plugin is an add-on for your e-commerce website. Admin and Buyers get notification about their order through an SMS. Adding this plugin aids in giving immediate confirmation of the orders placed and improves communication. Features of this plugin includes:

• OTP for Order Confirmation

• Login and Reset Password with OTP

• SMS to Admin and Customer on New Registration or Sign Up

• Out of Stock Alert SMS

• All Order Status Updates

• Low Stock Alert

8. PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit is a powerful tool to upgrade the product catalog on your WordPress Marketplace Website. It gives you the ability to make changes in the list of products.

• Live Preview of the Changes Made before you Update it

• Can Undo Changes before Saving

• Edit Variations

• Changing Prices by Specific Amount or Percentage

• Search/Replace Text

• Wildcard Searches

• Keyboard Navigation

• Supports other Plugins

9. Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce

Product Feed Pro facilitates the marketers and website owners to set up their online marketing campaigns. This is a free and advanced plugin for WordPress Marketplace Websites. This plugin offers:

• Unlimited Product Feeds

• Easy to Set Rules and Filters

• Field and Attribute Mapping

• Add Google Shopping Feed to Your Site

• Add and Configure Google Analytics

• Add Facebook Pixels 

10. SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Free Variant

For a Marketplace Website to be open for users’ worldwide, it is crucial to manage the currency conversions wisely. SCD is a free source plugin solution that supports your end-to-end currency conversion process. Main features it offers include:

• Display the Currency of Vendor’s Choice

• After Payment Calculation of Taxes and Shipping Costs

• Demo to Test the Plugin

• Compatible with Modes of Payments

11. CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Generator

Marketing your products on local and international marketing channels can be done by adding the CTX feed plugin. It supports 100+ marketing channels like Google hopping, Pinterest Shopping ads, Facebook ads, eBay ads and Bing ads. With CTX feed plugin on your marketplace site, you can:

• Create Product Feed for Unlimited Products

• Unlimited Product Feed for Multiple Channels

• Platform Specific Templates

• Product Attributes

12. Shipping Packages for WooCommerce – Dropship from Multiple Locations like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy

Physical movement of the product takes place during the shipping process. To manage and successfully ship the product to the buyers’, adding a shipping package plugin is the complete solution. This plugin can:

• Group Products into Packages

• Group by Shipping Class, Product Type, Product ID, Attributes and Categories

• Be Used with Other WordPress Plugins

• Support WooCommerce Product bundles

• Support WooCommerce Composite Products

13. Sticky Product Add to Cart and Checkout Bar for WooCommerce

WordPress Sticky Product Add to Cart plugin constantly attaches the “Add to Cart” button with the products. It makes Add to Cart and Checkout buttons easily visible and accessible to the customers. Features of Sticky Product Add to Cart button include:

• Displays Sticky Bar for Desktop and Mobile

• Displays Sticky Bar at the Top or Bottom of the Page

• Enable/Disable for Out of Stock Products

• Customize Choose and Option Text

14. Product Sales Report for WooCommerce

For creating sales reports for your WordPress Marketplace Website, you can add a product sales report plugin. It monitors sales, forecasting, inventory management and accounting. Features of this plugin are:

• Order Status Sorting

• Set Display Order

• Limit Included Products

• Show all Variations of a Product

• One-Click Generate and Share

• CSV Exporter

15. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart is an all-in-one package for your e-commerce business website. With over 1 million sellers in 175 countries, 45 languages supported, PayPal, Stripe and 40 more payment options and real-time shipping integrations. This free plugin has covered all the basic requirements of an e-commerce website. Additionally, it provides:

• Automatic Shipping and Taxes

• Online Store on Facebook and Instagram

• E-commerce Mobile Apps

• Unlimited Storage, Automatic Backups and Seamless Upgrades

16. WooCommerce COD(Cash on Delivery)

Cash on Delivery on your WordPress website lets your users’ place an order without having to worry about the card payments. The WooCommerce COD plugin is easy to install and can be configured into your marketplace website in 5 steps:

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce>Settings>Payments

Step 2: Select Cash on Delivery from the toggle under Enabled.

Step 3: After selecting Setup, you will be directed to Cash on Delivery settings.

Step 4: Configure your settings 

  • Enable COD
  • Choose the title to be displayed
  • Add Description
  • Choose the shipping methods and rates for Cash on Delivery
  • Tick box accept COD for Virtual Products

Step 5: Save changes

17. Group Chat & Video Chat by AtomChat

 AtomChat is a real time chat solution plugin for your WordPress Marketplace Website. It allows your users to communicate and collaborate with each other. It is customizable and user friendly. Features of this plugin are:

Voice, Video and Text Chat

Whiteboard and Screen Sharing

Real-Time Translation

White-Label Mobile App


Easy Installation

Control from the Admin Panel


Sonia Manjania

Sonia is a teacher with an experience of more than 9 years. She is a mentor for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Fashion Design Industry. She currently is also a freelance Content Writer for AtomChat.

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