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6 Online Communities to Emulate for Guaranteed Success

July 28, 2021
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Rashmi Mathur
Account Manager @ AtomChat
5 min read

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been around for a while. While these social media giants have been beyond successful in carving out their niche in the digital space, controversies over hate speech and privacy issues have compelled users to rethink their choices. Consequently, online communities are selling like hotcakes right now. The reason? Well, there is no third-party control, the creators and owners select what gets shared and posted, there are ample opportunities to monetize, you get community moderation and organization tools, and the list goes on.

Online community platforms are a great way to ensure user engagement, which, in turn, brings a host of benefits to the organization. So, if you are a creator looking to build an online community platform that fosters lasting brand relationships and creates a safe space for peer-to-peer interaction, the following 5 brands are great examples that will inspire you to build your network!

1. Duolingo 


The online language-learning platform has experienced exponential popularity since its launch in 2011. How? Well, Duolingo mobilized the power of its global community of language learners to create more courses and consequently, increase community reach. The Duolingo Incubator scheme is where volunteers can sign-up and contribute towards the creation of new language courses for the platform. The volunteer has to go through an application process before contributing to a course of their interest. Duolingo’s business model based on heavy reliance on its community members unlocked new possibilities and enabled the platform to reach skyrocketing numbers of paid subscribers.

What’s so good about Duolingo?

• Offers 106 different language courses in 40 languages

• Personalized learning

• Mimics the structure of video games for maximum user engagement

• Duolingo Language Forums for learner interaction

2. Mom365 


What’s better for a new parent than an online community where all baby-related queries get answered by parents themselves? From getting pregnant and giving birth to baby development and raising kids, the Mom365 community is a one-stop-shop for parents to meet and discuss all about pregnancies, babies, and children! The friendly online community specifically caters to the needs of moms and celebrates a mother’s journey with her baby. It specializes in newborn photography and offers to capture all your special moments and milestones with your little one. Moreover, the platform offers parenting info and tips, e-newsletters, and amazing deals and discounts on baby basics and indulgences.

What’s so good about Mom365?

• Connects moms across the world through photos and stories

• A great selection of newborn portrait packages

• Information and tips related to pregnancy and parenting 

• A wide range of pregnancy gear and baby stuff

3. TripAdvisor 


A #wanderlust on your Instagram photo might get you a million likes, but what if we said there is an online community for travelers to share their experiences of touring around the world? Well, we’re talking about TripAdvisor Forums - the traveling giant’s discussion platform for travelers. The web’s strongest and most popular travel community lets fellow users talk and chat about their travel experiences. It includes discussion forums by destinations where users can get answers to some of the most frequent and not-so-frequent travel queries such as Visa information, hotels, public holidays, how to stay out of trouble, popular attractions, and a lot more.

What’s so good about TripAdvisor?

• Options to browse by destination and theme

• Compare prices on hotels, flights, and cruises

• Find the best deals on holiday packages

• Discussion forum with millions of traveler opinions and reviews

4. Threadless 


There could be no better example of a business built for a community. Yes, we’re talking about Threadless, a global online community of artists and their supporters. Founded in 2000, Threadless began as a t-shirt company that has now evolved into a cool e-marketplace full of clothing, accessories, and home decor. The best and most unique part about Threadless? Well, all their designs are created by a talented community of artists! The Threadless community is a safe space for artists of all colors and identities who come together to create beautiful products through their art.

What’s so good about Threadless?

• Promotes the talent of independent artists

• Designs are selected each week based on public vote

• Every purchase directly supports the designer

• Encourages an inclusive and anti-racist environment

5. GameSpot 


A gamers’ paradise, American video gaming website GameSpot was launched in 1996 and provides reviews, news, downloads, previews, and a host of other information on video games. This active gaming community is an all-in-one resource for gamers with fresh and new content posted frequently on topics ranging from the best Pokemon for MOBA newcomers to PS5 enhancements in the latest update of Warhammer Vermintide 2. With a user-friendly interface, GameSpot’s forums on games, system wars, and off-beat topics are always buzzing with discussions from gamers and gaming enthusiasts from around the world.

What’s so good about GameSpot?

• A wide range of gaming content covering Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and mobile gaming.

• Entertainment news from movies, TV, Netflix, DC, Marvel, and more.

• Expanded community features such as user blogs and user video blogs

• Exciting gaming and electronic deals and a GameSpot store full of cool merchandise



A women-centric online community that was founded by Sairee Chahal in 2013, Sheroes aims at bringing women from different walks of life together and get them connected. 

Women can discuss anything and everything in this community, be it their personal or professional life. Sheroes highlights job and educational opportunities and also helps brands connect with qualified women and bring them under the limelight. 

This platform also aims to provide help to community members and aid them in their growth journeys. 

What’s so good about Sheroes?

• A safe and secure space for women to come together, discuss and celebrate one another

• Professional and Personal Interests topics available to follow and help in exposure and growth

• Educational Posts and Articles are available to help women diversify their horizons

• Promotes entrepreneurship amongst women and provides opportunities and monetary support for the same


Amidst all the hubbubs of popular social media platforms, online communities have a long way to establish their strong foothold among users from all walks of life. Whether it’s a community for new mommies, independent artists, passionate gamers, or inquisitive learners, there is a treasure trove of online communities no less than a standard social media network. The ones listed in this article are just a sneak peek into the sea of inspirational online communities out there that are no less than an inspiration for budding creators! 

Rashmi Mathur

Rashmi is a sales and support expert with great enthusiasm for technology. Currently at AtomChat she is helping clients discover possible chat solutions and help them scale new heights.

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