AtomChat vs iFlyChat: Which chat plugin should you buy and why?

September 10, 2021
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Aniket L.
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
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Private and group chat plugins are not new in the market. They are widely used by businesses to drive customer engagement, retention, and conversion. Gone are the days when brands would sit back and relax after creating a flashy website with the bare minimum resources. In the digital age, people are more informed, technologically abled, and demand personalized experiences from the brands/businesses they engage with regularly. Plus, today’s customers have many choices; if they don’t like the look and feel of a particular brand online, they can easily switch to something that offers more flexibility and personalization. Thus, it is pertinent that a brand website, online marketplace, social network, or online community is designed to offer all that will draw, engage, and retain customers.

So, let’s dive in and compare two popular chat platforms in the market - AtomChat, and iFlyChat. In the end, we’ll see which chat plugin is better able to deliver on the promise of customer engagement and retention.




AtomChat offers text and video chatting and all other must-have features for your website, online marketplace, social network, forum, or online community. AtomChat’s all-in-one package with 30+ integration options is bound to take customer engagement to the next level. At the same time, AtomChat ensures that customers have a fulfilling experience through its top-notch online services.


In a nutshell, here’s what AtomChat has to offer:

• Group and private text chat

• HD audio and video conferencing

• Multilingual chat and translation

• Screen Sharing, whiteboard, and more collaborative features

• Monetization with tiered access

• White-label apps

• Powerful admin panel for customizations and moderations

• White-glove integration assistance




iFlyChat offers real-time chat options through text, voice, and video chat to help enhance community engagement. Especially suited for online communities, iFlyChat’s features are aimed at driving conversion, engagement, and retention. It supports integration with WordPress, HTML, and Drupal as well as offers chat monetization options to create a revenue stream.


Here’s a look into what iFlyChat offers:

• Chat and messaging

• Audio and video chat

• Chat monetization

• Powerful dashboard for moderation and analytics

• Preconfigured chat templates 

• White-label solution

• Multilingual platform

AtomChat v iFlyChat : A Comparison

Now that we have an idea of what AtomChat and iFlyChat offer, let’s go into a detailed comparison of some of the key features and decide the better alternative.


AtomChat integrates with over 30 platforms effortlessly and within minutes. Popular integrations include WordPress, BuddyPress, Bubble, Drupal, Joomla, xenForo, SuiteCRM, and much more!

iFlyChat, on the other hand, offers only three integrations - WordPress, Drupal, and HTML.

Video Conferencing

AtomChat gives its users an immersive video calling experience through high-definition video calls right from the website. Here’s what you need to know about AtomChat’s video calling feature:

• One-on-one and group video calls

• One-to-many video broadcasting supporting up to 50 viewers

• Group video conferences with up to six users

• Unlimited minutes of voice and video calling without slowing down your website or server

iFlyChat too offers audio/video calling on its chat app. However, the feature is currently available for only one-on-one conversations. Besides, the video calling feature is compatible with only Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Collaborative Features

AtomChat does not limit itself to text and video chats only. The robust platform goes a step ahead to offer unique collaborative features to let users interact with each other in real-time via digital tools. Thus, AtomChat enhances the chatting experience like no other. 

Here’s what falls under AtomChat’s collaborative features:

• Instant file sharing as chat attachments - audio notes, documents, PPTs, PDFs, and images

• Digital whiteboards on chat to share ideas through erasable texts, drawings, and graphics

• Screen Sharing for both mobile and desktop users

iFlyChat also has the option to share media files. However, users can only share images, audio, and video files. iFlyChat does not offer extensive collaboration tools like screen sharing and digital whiteboards.

Group Chat and Number of Users

With AtomChat, there is no limitation on the number of groups you can create. Users can participate and create unlimited groups, which can be open to all, invite-only, or password-protected. Plus, each group can have an unlimited number of participants to ensure that your website or community is abuzz with activity.

iFlyChat also allows non-admins (regular users) to create multiple groups. However, the group chat feature is only available for those who choose a higher pricing plan. Plus, there is an upper limit on the number of chatrooms you can create and the maximum number of users that can participate at a time. 

Pricing Plan Offerings

To begin with, AtomChat has the option of a 14-day free trial with every plan. So, you can get enough time to try out plans before you finally choose the one that caters to your needs. Besides, every AtomChat plan supports 500 concurrent users with a host of features and functionalities.

Coming to iFlyChat, they do offer a free plan with standard features but it only supports a maximum of 10 concurrent users. Even with the highest plan, iFlyChat has no provision of supporting more than 300 concurrent users, a significant drawback if your online community is large-sized. Further, the features that iFlyChat offers in each pricing plan are very limited when compared with those offered by AtomChat.

Location Sharing

While AtomChat offers a handy location sharing feature, iFlyChat does not have the same.

White-Glove Integration Assistance

While AtomChat is pretty easy to install, you can opt for their unique white-glove integration assistance feature in case you want to avoid the hassle of setup. All you need to do is write to the support team after you sign up and get all the assistance you need while you sit back and relax.

iFlyChat does not offer any white-glove integration assistance. 


On the surface, both AtomChat and iFlyChat seem to offer similar features. But, a closer look, and you will realize that AtomChat offers some extra perks. From an extensive number of integrations, video conferences, and broadcasts to robust collaborative features and flexibility of group chats, AtomChat does have a competitive edge over iFlyChat. Besides, AtomChat is ideal for marketplace website chat, an eCommerce solution that’s worth all the investment in present times. Eventually, it is solely your business needs that will guide your choice of a chat platform. We hope that our comparative study of the features of AtomChat and iFlyChat will help you choose what’s best for you.

Aniket L.

Aniket is a student of marketing and is an avid reader. In his spare time, he likes to write innovative and educative content that would help people.

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