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Best White-label Video Conferencing Software for 2024

January 2, 2023
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Mohammad Shoaib
Sr. Accounts Manager @AtomChat
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Video conferencing’s popularity is on the rise—primarily for its convenience, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. This is where businesses of varied sizes and niches profit with the use of white-label videoconferencing software. 

Industry forecasts indicate that the global video conferencing market will grow from $6.87 billion in 2022 to $14.58 billion by 2029 — a CAGR of 11.3 percent. White-label video conferencing platforms will form a sizable chunk of these implementations. 


Why you must use a White-label Video Conferencing platform

White-label video conferencing platforms enable businesses and marketing professionals to communicate with customers, prospects, and audiences worldwide. In addition, these solutions highlight the business’ brand identity at much lower costs.

White-label virtual conferencing companies, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and others can use just one platform across multiple devices. No more shuffling from solution to solution, or multiple spends on numerous services. The multiple benefits include:

Brand building:   

Give your customers or audience the exceptional user experiences they expect while using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. These video conferencing platforms allow you to use your business’ branding.

Establishment of loyalty:   

Gain customer loyalty by building trust with face-to-face communications. At the same time, white-label video conferencing platforms raise your business' credibility and authority.

Savings in time and money: 

Focus on your business as your branding happens seamlessly in the background. Leave fixes and updates to the third party—save time and money. You need a leading-edge, intuitive, and immersive white-label virtual conferencing solution for smooth engagements. The right platform must be able to turbocharge your business and make the most of your marketing efforts.


Selecting the right white-label video conferencing solution

There are many Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC)-based video conferencing options on the cloud. These work on all major browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. 

Before selecting the right platform that meets your objectives, it is important to form a clear idea about key aspects like:

Your Needs: 

Selection of the right self-hosted virtual conferencing solution depends on your needs. So, first list the features and degree of customer support that your business needs.

Customization level: 

Determine the level of customization and features your business needs. This is key to give your users the best experience. 

Video quality:

Most white-label solutions offer HD and 4K resolution calls. With the right videoconferencing system, gaining access to high-quality video calling is not a hurdle. Try out these aspects before you zero in on a solution.

Most businesses need user-friendly, efficient white-label video conferencing software. These aspects are important to conduct virtual meetings with clients, prospects, and team members. 

The Best White-label Video Conferencing Software of 2024

A powerful white-label videoconferencing platform provides you with a strong brand image and professional outlook. Exhaustive customization possibilities enable you to win customer loyalty using outstanding user experiences.

Some of the most popular white-label video conferencing options in 2024 include:


Ideal for startups, businesses and even solopreneurs, AtomChat’s white-label solution is a fantastic way to acquire video conferencing capabilities. This white-label chat plugin is easy to integrate and brand. Its comprehensive branding capabilities enable extensive usage of logos, domains, colors, themes, fonts, and other elements as per your brand guidelines.

In addition to video and voice conferencing capabilities, the AtomChat platform features secure group text chats. Automatic import of existing users is a great USP of this plugin.

AtomChat being a popular plugin and, communicative and collaborative tool that comes with features such as:

1. Easy to Integrate

2. Interactive & Collaborative

3. Works with all plugins

4. Secured Admin Controls

5. Communication-centric with Real-time language translations

6. Unlimited groups

7. Easy to monetize your content


This software powers organizations right from micro businesses to global enterprises. This rebranded video conferencing platform targets businesses that aim to inspire, teach, collaborate, and sell online.

ClickMeeting helps you connect with your customers, prospects, team, and students using its advanced, feature-rich virtual conferencing solutions. The simple Web-based solution covers all virtual proceedings—right from product demos to marketing specifics.

You can deliver a highly engaging experience to your target users with customized content and convince them of your product’s capabilities to match their needs. Create leads with on-demand automated webinars—follow them up with tailor-made content.


Rebranded with your own business, this modern video conferencing platform makes an immediate impact. Its USPs include a quick launch, intuitive design, and increased user satisfaction.

Veeting works great for mid-size and small businesses, enterprises, non-profits, and governments. With the solution, you can:

  1. Scale your business locally and globally by interacting with prospects worldwide.
  2. Help your remote team members collaborate using its feature-rich, GDPR-compliant virtual conferencing solutions.
  3. Enhance the user experience, trust factor, and loyalty.


It empowers you with powerful marketing tools to establish your content authority, customize user experiences, and drive engagement. You can create meaningful touchpoints to customize the virtual event experience for brand-building efforts. Manage the video marketing workflow with landing pages, emails, and in-built CRM/MAS integrations from a single platform. 

Analytics integrated in BigMarker enable you to track, measure, and optimize every point of the video interaction. This makes it possible to discover your hottest leads and most engaged users. Its native integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, and Eloqua empowers Marketing and Sales efforts. Now these teams have insightful data for precise and fast follow-ups.


It offers a Web-based, highly secure, and easily accessible HD video conferencing solution. The solution does not need software downloads.

An effective marketing campaign involves many aspects. As a competent marketing manager, you must set goals, evaluate costs, and draw a budget. You must zero in on the target audience and create engaging content that captures their attention. Most importantly, you must be able to analyze the results. It can be a tough ask, especially when you are working remotely.

MegaMeeting comes with many unique apps, such as Evernote, that can gel with video conferencing. These will supercharge your marketing campaign for desired results.


This scalable cloud-based software solution helps companies integrate traditional video systems, collaboration solutions (like those from Microsoft and Google). It also supports business-grade video meeting and calling solutions that run on any device.

The latest version of Pexip Engage delivers an invigorating user experience with enhanced functionalities and features. This faster, better, and more user-friendly version helps you connect with your customers through an intuitive scheduling solution. You can engage them using fully rebranded, integrated video meetings. The possibilities range right from scheduling and in-meeting interactions all the way up to post-meeting insights and performance reporting.

In closing

Video conferencing drives leads, raises conversion rates, and facilitates collaboration within a company. The entry of advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and the cloud will also soon drive market growth in this space. 

In this context, the benefits of using white-label video conferencing solutions are countless from a branding and business perspective. These platforms offer a refreshing user experience that builds loyalty.

Mohammad Shoaib

Shoaib is an Experienced, Senior Account Manager with a zeal for the IT and services industry. Currently, he’s working on Auditing, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and making sure we Skyrocket off the charts.

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