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Enhance User Engagement and Loyalty With Chat Plugins

December 1, 2022
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Dhruv Nagpal
Digital Marketing Executive @ AtomChat
4 min read

Making it big in business is quite difficult in today’s competitive environment. This is where maximizing the loyalty of existing customers and their repeat purchases has proven to be smart moves. Retaining loyal customers is more efficient when compared to the costs attached to new customer acquisitions. 

A laser-focused user engagement strategy makes all the difference in terms of revenues per customer. According to Gallup’s research, fully engaged customers can offer you 23% more profitability, revenues, wallet share, and relationship growth over that of typical customers.

Listen, Address, Connect

Genuine engagement of your users happens when there is an emotional connection with your brand. This will extend naturally to your product or service. Your business gets it only if you deliver great experiences consistently. 

Social Listening is a proven way to enhance user engagement on your website. It allows your teams to find relevant social media mentions and conversations about your brand. Successful businesses use this trustworthy data to build customer loyalty by addressing customer pain points. Relevant and prompt conversations with customers based on such information go a long way towards increasing user engagement levels. Delivering prompt, relevant, and personalized messages to your customers is the most effective way to start off this journey. 

A chat plugin can be helpful due to the immense personalization possibilities that set it apart from other marketing techniques. Using such chat functionality, you can strengthen trust and build lasting relationships with your users. When you create such mental and emotional connections, users become loyal (and vocal) advocates for your brand. Active participation from the brand and acknowledgement of high-quality user content can also increase user engagement.

Effective social listening ensures that you can analyze and prevent the recurrence of underlying issues that create negative customer experiences. Successful businesses rely on social listening for the identification of new business opportunities. It accelerates the moment of your new customer acquisition efforts when used in the right manner.

Chat plugins and the power of user engagement

Most businesses use chat-powered user engagement strategies with well-defined goals. It typically includes increases in sales, brand awareness, and community growth. Delivery of a great User Experience (UX) is the most critical aim among these. 

Some of the common business goals that increase user engagement include the use of chat plugins to:

Humanize your business: Often, emotion drives your customer’s buying behavior rather than the quality of your product or service. In such cases, you must make an emotional connection with your customers to perfect your user engagement. Chat empowers you with simple yet effective ways to make such connections. This makes users feel at home on your website. 

Personalize UX: Brands that acknowledge loyal customers with personalized recommendations and offers are the top preference for 91 percent of consumers. More importantly, 70% of millennials are frustrated with irrelevant emails from brands. Chat plugins allow you to personalize messages in ways that enhance UX and engagement. Integrating your chat software with your CRM software provides you with valuable user data. You can use these to personalize messages along every customer’s journey on your online platform. This boosts their trust and loyalty towards your brand. 

Improve convenience: To unleash the power of your chat plugin, focus on the convenience of your target users. Choose the channels and devices of choice. This eases your job of ensuring deep user engagement. You can also universalize conversations by removing the language barrier by integrating real-time translation software into your chat app.

Engage proactively: Customer engagement is reactive on most business platforms. It is usually based on their queries—often, it is all about what businesses can offer them to raise conversion rates. Chat plugins can help you stand out with curated and relevant content for your target user groups.

Use in-product messaging: This is a wonderful way to boost customer engagement among target user communities. The chat plugin helps you engage your customers during browsing sessions with relevant offers. It enables you to send in-app messages that nudge them to act. 

Integrate chat with third-party apps: You can integrate your chat software with useful third-party apps. Customers can easily buy a product or service on your website without navigating elsewhere. This helps you enhance user engagement and experience. 


How AtomChat enhances user engagement on your website

AtomChat’s versatile yet cost-effective chat plugin integrates with over 30 platforms. It helps you engage your users and audience through real-time, secure conversations. Customers can also connect with each other via group chat, audio-video messaging, collaborative tools, and real-time multilingual translation. 

The chat solution from AtomChat sets up direct communication between buyers and sellers, consultants and clients, teachers and students, and more. This helps users get detailed information about the product(s) or service(s) listed on your online platform. It develops trust in your brand, even as it pushes up conversion rates.

Support for large group chats with open-to-all and public group support is an excellent feature of AtomChat’s plugin. Its powerful admin panel ensures granular control of access and chat behavior.

Here are certain core AtomChat features that boost user engagement on your platform:

  • Private and group messaging for accessible communication and collaboration 
  • Secure communication features with password-protected and invite-only groups
  • Real-time multilingual chat functionality to connect users around the world with a great UX 
  • Rich, immersive HD voice and video calling experiences 
  • Reliable and invaluable user-generated content that creates a valuable database for the business
  • Enables users’ chat behavior regulation from a powerful admin panel

A proven winner

Chat, in its various forms like live chat, group chat, and in-app messaging has undergone a massive evolution over the years. Today, it is a tool that guarantees to boost user engagement on an online platform. 

The ability of chat plugins to personalize user experience sets it apart from other marketing tools. Other benefits like seamless and quick integration ensure that your chat channels go live without business downtime. You can rely on a group chat plugin on your website to create enduring customer relationships.

Dhruv Nagpal

Dhruv is a Digital marketer at AtomChat with having analysis and behavioral marketing background. He specializes in the psychological domain of marketing and utilizes it in digital strategies.

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