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Essential Features in a Group Chat Plugin for WordPress Websites

May 15, 2021
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Sonia Manjania
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
7 min read

Conversing in groups not only makes communication and planning easy, but also makes mundane conversations fun. Now imagine having the same group dynamic but on a website! 

Group chat plugin for WordPress is an add-on feature for your WordPress website which allows your users to have a group conversation on your site. They can create one or several groups for their discussions. 

A group chat plugin is a quick and easy way to convert your website into a platform where groups of users can communicate with each other without the added hassle of repeating themselves to everyone. Whether you are a Community, Consultant, Marketplace or a Multi Vendor Website, group chat adds an element of trust, transparency and camaraderie to your communication.

Why to Add a Group Chat Plugin?

Ideal for Live Events

A Group Chat plugin is an ideal way to conduct online live events on your website. Product Launch, Seminars, Forums, Webinars, Musical Events and Educational Summits, all these can be conducted and managed smoothly and efficiently if you have a group chat plugin present on your site. The feature will also make the users feel connected with not just each other but with the host as well, due to the conversational tone the website will acquire.


Having a Group Chat feature on your website allows you to make any type of announcement quickly and easily through broadcasting. You can choose a group you want to broadcast a message to and can convey the message effectively and thoroughly. This makes showcasing a product or holding a private class that much easier and proficient.

User Generated Content

During a Group Conversation, Experts and Masters of different fields, participate, collaborate and contribute. Genuine and authentic information is shared and discussed. This helps in accumulating User Generated Content on your website that holds value for your users and helps establish goodwill and authority.

Authentic Communication

On Community, Consultant and Marketplace Websites, communication is generally in relation to shared topics and interests. Therefore, it results in authentic and viable discussions.

Guided and knowledgeable approach is being followed by the users. Communities resolve their issues and build relationships that give them a sense of belonging.

Collaborative Approach

Group Chats lead to more participation among the members of the group. This gives rise to collaboration and sharing of valuable inputs during a group discussion.

For example, professionals during their group chat can highlight new methods of work to achieve proficiency in their field of study/expertise. It brings users from similar backgrounds to work and collaborate together. This approach inculcates critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Through a group chat, meetings can be conducted remotely and critical knowledge can be disseminated in real time. Members can be informed and decisions can be made quickly.

Group chat stimulates streamlined workflow and enhances project management. It leads to better engagement and increased accountability of the members of a group.

Features of Group Chat Plugins

File Sharing

Sharing important documents with a panel or a group of members is one of the advanced features of a group chat plugin. Circulate papers, product images, on site images, videos and circulars. This gives a group discussion a realistic and sincere focus.

Tools for Team

Group chat enhances a smooth flow of work for a team. You can assign tasks, set due dates during a group discussion/meeting.

Video Conferencing

With a video conferencing tool, members can switch to a video call for a face to face conversation. This adds a human experience for users on the website.

Chat Moderation

As a website owner, you can control the conversation over group chat. You can even block hyperlinks, contact numbers and addresses. 

Real Time Translation

Your users do not have to worry about the language as a roadblock for group chat. A real time translation feature of the group chat plugin improves communication across the region.

Use Case of Group Chat Plugin

For a Marketplace Website, Group Chat can be configured to facilitate a smooth functioning of communication between the buyer and sellers. Sharing important information and documents can be done with the file sharing tool of the group chat plugin to instill confidence about the product.

Collaborative features like Whiteboard and Screen Sharing come in handy for the users who want to explain in detail and authenticate the product they're selling.  Solving a technical issue can be done in real time as well. Sharing grievances or reviews in regards to services sold can be also done through chat and can prove informational.

Though Video Conferencing is a base for conducting online group sessions to educate the buyers about the products and services sold on the website and market them effectively. Uploading related documents, pictures and videos is a support system.

Why Choose AtomChat?

Choosing the right Group Chat Plugin for your WordPress site is a very important process as that plugin not only helps aid conversations and communication amongst your group of users but also increases user engagement and ultimately becomes one of the USP’s of your website. This is where AtomChat’s plugin comes in. AtomChat lets you add a group chat to your site efficiently and quickly. You can enable a chat room for Communities, Marketplace Sites, Consultant Sites, Freelancers, Multi Vendor Websites, E-Commerce websites in just a few minutes with this plugin.

Features of AtomChat group chat plugin:

• Processing and Server Infrastructure is backed by AtomChat. Multiple users chatting simultaneously won’t affect your server or website speed.

• HD video calling of AtomChat enables you to maintain the quality of your Video Group Call.

• Scalable so as to support your business growth.

• Video Broadcasting to add up to 50 viewers to give your Community or Marketplace Website to reach the maximum number of users for better experience.

• Unlimited minutes of Voice and Video Calling means unlimited communication.

• Monetize your Audio and Video Calling by charging per minute or per message basis.

• Technical Support is provided by a team of experienced professionals for seamless integration of the AtomChat Group Chat plugin.

• SSL, an encryption based security protocol in place for security purposes. Find more information here.

• Real Time Translation for users from different regions and countries creates limitless opportunities for your users and makes you and your website a global brand.

• Screen Share and Whiteboard features assist in Real Time Collaboration.

• Track and Measure the Engagement of users on your website by checking the number of users and messages exchanged.

• Customization can be done by changing colours and themes of group chat rooms through the powerful Admin Panel of AtomChat.

You can give AtomChat’s any plan a try with a 14 days free trial.  And then you can choose and decide whether to pay for it annually or monthly.

1. Lite -  You can pick this plan and have group chat up and running in no time by paying $40/month. And have access to features like one-on-one and group text chat, file sharing, emojis, typing indicators and social login.

2. Startup -The best plan for your growing business that enriches your group chat experience with plenty of features to offer. This plan costs $80/month.

3. Growth - A plan that delivers a complete chat kit for your business enterprise needs. With a cost of $165/month, this plan comes with a wide range of features and functions.

4. Mega - This plan is the optimum solution for a business that is established and is looking to provide enhanced engagement to its users. This plan is packed with all the features that AtomChat has to offer and is priced at $190/month.

*The prices provided in the above list are applicable only on the annually paid plans.

How to Add the AtomChat Plugin to a WordPress Website

Step 1: Visit your WordPress Admin Panel

Step 2: Click on ‘Add New’ under the Plugins Tab

Step 3: Search for ‘AtomChat’ in the Search Bar

Step 4: Select the AtomChat Plugin

Step 5: Open the AtomChat configuration page Link under the ‘Settings’ Tab

Step 6: Enter the AtomChat Particulars Required and Provided. Save the information and it's done!

Following the above steps and installing the AtomChat Plugin will enable you to start a chatroom for your users on your WordPress site and get them chatting in no time!


We hope that this article helps you in figuring out the right features required in choosing the right Group Chat WordPress Plugin for your website and helps you create your own budding Group Chat.  For further assistance or information please do contact us at support@atomchat.com

Sonia Manjania

Sonia is a teacher with experience of more than 9 years. She is a mentor for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Fashion Design Industry. She currently is also a freelance Content Writer for AtomChat.

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