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Group Chat Plugin - An asset for your Website!

May 26, 2021
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Sonia Manjania
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
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Group Chat Plugin

A group chat plugin facilitates communication between a group of people at the same time and allows seamless conversations to take place. Not just conversations, but such a plugin also helps to ideate in groups through features such as Screen sharing and exchange of files. 

Group Chat plugins prove a boon for any online group that wants to help its users connect in real-time. Be it organizations, consultants, a social networking site, or even a marketplace, any online platform that requires its members to connect can easily depend on this plugin to fulfill the platform’s communication needs.

Group chat plugins can be easily integrated into websites, enabling the site users to have a shared platform to talk, discuss and collaborate.

Benefits of Group Chat Plugin

If you run a website, and you need a chat feature for your users, your first plan of action would be to search and connect with chat platforms which might enable your users to converse and fraternize with one another.

Your users will benefit from having access to this feature.

But it might also end up with your users going away from your platform and generating traffic and recognition for the chat platform you have linked up with.

A group chat plugin, on the other hand, will keep your users engaged and hooked on your site as the chat plugin will integrate to your site rather than redirecting your users to another website.

Boosts Engagement 

Meet-ups, meetings, conferences, auctions among other collaborative group events conducted with a group chat plugin helps your users communicate with one another and sharing ideas. This helps the user trust your website and keeps him hooked. This in turn also helps in boosting engagement. More engagement equals more time spent on your site which in turn helps you gain credibility and new market space. 

Reliable Platform

If your website boasts of a higher number of average users, it helps in furthering your reputation, especially if you gain your users’ trust. By gaining this trust, you can be assured that your users will be spreading positive reviews about your platform. This assurance and positivity from your users help build credibility in the global market which helps your standing as a reliable platform.

Borderless Connectivity

With the advancements in technology, connecting people across borders has become quick and effortless.

By providing an online platform where groups of people can connect and communicate in real-time hence, is now a reality and also the need of the hour.

With the help of a group chat plugin, you not only connect users from different parts of the world with one another, but you also provide them with an opportunity to expand their horizons.

User-Generated Content

Encouraging your users to share ideas on your platform not only keeps them engaged and gives them a sense of ownership but also helps you develop and curate content for your website which is relevant to your site members.

This content also known as ‘User Generated Content’ is not just a reliable source of information, but it also helps make your users feel heard and seen. 

With a Group Chat Plugin, your site can become a source of quality user-generated content with content like AMA’s, knowledgeable and relevant video conferences, and webinars being easily accessible.

Control in your hands

You can easily manage all the settings and customizations of your group chat room from the Admin Panel.

You can set boundaries and limitations on chats and what can be discussed. Prohibit the use of foul language and hyperlinks being shared and can also monetize your platform! 

Necessary Features in a Group Chat Plugin

‣ Multiple Groups

‣ Private Conversations

‣ Voice and Video calling

‣ Move, Resize & Minimize

‣ File sharing

‣ Content Moderation

‣ Easy Integration

‣ Cost-Effective

‣ Emojis

‣ Save Conversations

‣ Customization

‣ Multilingual and Real-Time Translation

‣ Collaboration tools 

‣ White label App

‣ Notification Sound

‣ Privacy and Security

AtomChat Plugin

Bearing in mind the benefits and features of a group chat plugin, AtomChat has proved its potential and utility for any website. 

Creating a cloud-hosted group chat platform with AtomChat is a complete no-brainer. Coding? Needless to say, not required.

Restyle your website into a real-time chat platform.

4000+ companies as clients! AtomChat must be doing something right. Agree?

Besides, all your data shared over the chat is safe and secure. SSL security protocol in place.

Add AtomChat to your Wix, xenForo, or Bubble Website

AtomChat is flexible and works with any type of website building platform. Some platforms that support AtomChat are:


AtomChat can be integrated into your Wix website in just a few simple steps! 

Step 1: Choose a plan. Try any of AtomChat’s plans free for 14 days. 

Step 2: Copy the code from your AtomChat Admin panel and paste it into your Wix site’s script in the body text box.

Step 3: Customize and choose your theme, language, and sounds. And you’re done!


How to add AtomChat to your Bubble website in 3 easy to follow steps:

Step 1: Choose a plan. Try any plan free for 14 days. 

Step 2: Copy the code from your AtomChat Admin panel and paste it into your Bubble site’s script in the body text box.

Step 3: Customize and choose your theme, language, and sounds. And you’re done!


Again, with a xenForo site, the process of integrating AtomChat is almost the same.

Step 1: Subscribe to any of the plans for free (14-day trial) to better understand all the features. 

Step 2: Copy the code from your Admin Panel and paste it into your xenForo template 

Step 3: Customize and you’re done!

For further assistance or information about our group chat plugin please do contact us at

Sonia Manjania

Sonia is a teacher with experience of more than 9 years. She is a mentor for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Fashion Design Industry. She currently is also a freelance Content Writer for AtomChat.

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