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How to Choose a Chatroom Plugin for your WordPress Website

May 11, 2021
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Sonia Manjania
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
6 min read

41% of the web is built on WordPress. Building a website on WordPress is simple and code-free and with more than 50K+ plugins available, you can easily customize your website the way you want.

A WordPress chat room plugin is a software block that helps you add a chat room to your WordPress site. An add - on for your site that connects your users with each other, it helps your website transform into an interactive platform.

Features of a Chat Room Plugin

WordPress chat room plugins should be loaded with features that empower your users to have real time conversations with each other. Features such as:

Private and Group Chat

With a chat room WordPress plugin installed in your website, the users can create a private or a public group chat room. They can build a community and help it grow.  

Video and Voice Calling

The video and voice chat enables the users to have an active and real time conversation. Instead of typing away a long text, they can now just get on a quick call and communicate. Conveying a message with voice or video call is quick and hassle free.

Video Broadcasting

Events such as webinars, concerts, online meet and greets can be held with video broadcasting. It proves beneficial for communities, teacher-students, consultants and marketplace website users as they can broadcast their message or showcase a product or service to a wider audience in one go.

Collaborative Tools

WordPress chat rooms encourage collaboration amongst users and improve efficiency. Tools like screen sharing and whiteboard make chat rooms a great platform to coordinate and work together as a team.

File Sharing

A lot can be discussed and achieved over a chat. With the file sharing feature of chat rooms, important documents and files can be shared easily. This feature helps encourage user interaction, engagement and teamwork and also makes the wait for emails from colleagues to come in redundant. 

Language Translation

Real time language translation of chat rooms opens up new, untapped markets for your website and its users. They can converse easily with other users in the chatroom who belong to different parts of the world without any language barriers.

White Label Apps

Every chatroom should have a mobile app so as to make real time, on the go conversations easier. White Label Apps of your website make this a reality. With the help of the app, your WordPress chat room will have easy accessibility which will help see increased activity and participation from your users.

Admin Panel

With the power of admin panel, you can:

• Customize Appearance of Your Chat Room

• Contact List

• Control Role of Users

• Use Social Login

• Track and Measure User Engagement

• Moderate the Content to be Shared

• Monitor Conversations

• Make Announcements

• Monetize through Membership Plans

Easy Integration

Chat room plugins can be integrated with WordPress websites in no time. It just takes a few minutes to add a chat room to your website.

Use Case of Chat Room Plugin

A chat room plugin works great with WordPress Blogs, Community Sites , E-Commerce Sites, Marketplace Websites, Consultant Sites.


Here, let’s take the case of a Marketplace Website. 

The users of a Marketplace Website are generally buyer-sellers, consultant-clients, teacher-students, freelancers-companies. By adding a chat room, real time interaction between all these users can be initiated. This feature which allows the concerned parties to interact easily and quickly will not only increase user engagement but will also increase the user interaction with the website.

A level of trust and transparency can be easily achieved through communication between the users. Voice and video calling between the buyers and sellers can improve conversion rate. Valuable information and knowledge about a product can be shared objectively and clearly.

Why Choose AtomChat?

Choosing the right WordPress chatroom plugin for your site is a very important process as that plugin not only helps facilitate conversations and communication amongst your users but also increases user engagement and ultimately becomes one of the marquee features of your website.

This is where AtomChat’s plugin comes in. AtomChat lets you add a chatroom to your site efficiently and quickly. You can enable a chat room for Communities, Marketplace Sites, Consultant Sites, Freelancers, Multi Vendor Websites, E-Commerce websites in just a few minutes with this plugin.

• AtomChat lets your users create group and password protected chat. They can have invite-only exclusive groups as well.

• Voice and Video calling feature of AtomChat enables your user to take their communication to the next level. They can organize conferences, online events and webinars.

• With Screen Sharing and Whiteboard features of AtomChat, your users feel empowered to express their creativity and collaborate with each other. 

• Video Broadcasting feature of AtomChat gives your website an engaging and structured chat room.

• Real-Time Translation enriches the experience of users from across the globe. It helps you operate smoothly in a globalized market.

• White Label Apps make your chat room go where your users go. They can keep themselves connected anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices.

• Membership plans of AtomChat give you an opportunity to offer premium membership to your users. You can charge on a per minute or per message basis. You can also monetize your website by running ads!

• Though AtomChat is an easy to install plugin. But if you still need help, Integration Assistance is available at all times.

• Appearance Customization is possible through the powerful Admin Panel of AtomChat. You can change the color and dimensions of your chat room.

• You can also measure and track user engagement on your website through the Admin Panel of AtomChat. 

• Monitoring the conversations helps you to keep a check on the troublesome users, if any.

• With the Content Moderation feature of AtomChat, you are capable of controlling the content shared on your chat room. You can also ban emails, contact numbers, and hyperlinks.

• Managing users and groups with AtomChat lets you decide the role of users in a chat room. Role based permissions give you the ability to enable or disable certain features for a user or a group.

You can give AtomChat’s any plan a try with a 14 day free trial. And then you can choose and decide whether to pay for it annually or monthly.

1. Lite - $40/month for those who are just starting

2. Startup - $80/month for growing businesses

3. Growth - $165/month for established businesses

4. Mega - $190/month for established business’ looking for enhanced engagement

How to Add the AtomChat Plugin to a WordPress Website

Step 1: Visit your WordPress Admin Panel

Step 2: Click on ‘Add New’ under the Plugins Tab

Step 3: Search for ‘AtomChat’ in the Search Bar

Step 4: Select the AtomChat Plugin

Step 5: Open the AtomChat configuration page Link under the ‘Settings’ Tab

Step 6: Enter the AtomChat Particulars Required and Provided. Save the information and it's done!

Following the above steps and installing the AtomChat Plugin will enable you to start a chatroom for your users on your WordPress site and get them chatting in no time!


We hope that this article helps you in choosing the right chatroom WordPress Plugin for your website and helps you create your own budding Chat Room Website. For further assistance or information please do contact us at support@atomchat.com

Sonia Manjania

Sonia is a teacher with experience of more than 9 years. She is a mentor for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Fashion Design Industry. She currently is also a freelance Content Writer for AtomChat.

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