How to Create a WordPress Online Chatroom in 2024

July 2, 2021
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Aniket L.
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
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Businesses thrive on loyal brand followers, and more so when these customers bond around common interests. This has been the case since time immemorial, and the digital age ushers in newer possibilities. A look at how today’s customers crave the personalization and privacy that a dedicated online chatroom brings to the table is a great case in point.

Ideal to drive engagement, chat rooms foster a sense of community. This is where your brand can use chat rooms to communicate with your audience directly. For example, you can encourage them to share feedback about your products or content. Better still, you can enable visitors to talk amongst themselves. This is a great way to create a buzz of activity around your website—all with very little effort from your side.

It is now time to explore how to create a chatroom in WordPress site. That too, without writing a single line of code!!

Why Add a Chat Room in WordPress 

When it comes to chat software, third-party platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook groups, and Discord are readily available. Yet, the drawback of these approaches is that all conversations take place far from your website. 

Dependence on a public platform also means customer data usage and privacy concerns. This is where your business can benefit from hosting your own chat rooms. Your little community can come alive thanks to an on-site chat room. This enables users to communicate with one another without leaving your website.

When it comes to building your own chatrooms, you can utilize any of the popular WordPress group chat plugins. Your team can easily integrate these plugins with your WordPress website.

Must-Have Features in a Chatroom

It is time to explore the features our chatroom should have. Essential to drive user engagement, these capabilities establish the chatroom as your community’s social hub. These features are: 

Text Chat

Embedded text chat capabilities are essential for easier talking on-the-go. Since it is not always ideal to get on a quick voice call or video call, users might prefer to participate only through texts. Ergo, the text chat component is a must-have.

Audio and Video Chat 

Your WordPress online chatroom is more than a virtual space where your online community exchanges pleasantries. It is a space where people connect and form relationships. Empower these connections with features to start an online audio call or virtual hangouts. Online chatrooms with these capabilities differentiate your community from those of the competition. It also establishes your community as a safe space that fosters real conversations.

Real-Time Language Translation

An online community holds claims to be a truly global space. As a virtual community, it is open to anyone from any country. In an ideal world, online chatrooms do not have language barriers. Your chatroom requires real-time language translation so that nothing is lost in translation. A multilingual interface is essential to create such a global community.

Chat Attachments

Sharing of whiteboards and documents in the chatroom takes its functionality to a new level. This feature is beneficial for professionals—even more so for the student-teacher community. Your users must be able to share docs, PDFs, PPTs, and images as chat attachments.

Screen Sharing

Is your online community built so that professionals can share and participate in complex discussions? Features like screen sharing in your WordPress online chatroom allow them to easily explain, examine, and discuss complex ideas—in an interactive manner. These features will establish your online chatroom as the core center for communication, even as it exponentially enhances engagement and user experiences.

How to make a chat room in WordPress

Let us take a look at how you can easily add a chat room to your WordPress website using the AtomChat plugin.

1. Add the Plugin

Log into the WordPress Admin section and go to Plugins > Add New. Browse through the plugin archive for your chosen plugin. Click on install.

 (Even though we are using AtomChat Integration as an example, these steps remain relevant for other plugins)

2. Install the Plugin

After activating the chosen plugin, you can start the installation process. 

To add a chatroom in WordPress using AtomChat’s plugin:

• Click the AtomChat tab on the left-hand side navigation menu.

• Enter your License Key, followed by the Auth Key. Then click on the Install button to activate AtomChat.

3. Set up the Chatroom

After the plugin is installed and activated, enter the shortcode of any page on your website (using the WordPress content editor). This shortcode will look like,

[atomchat layout='embedded' width='990' height='600']

After you embed the shortcode, your WordPress online chatroom is ready to use. Now you are ready to get your community up and chatting.


Adding a chatroom to your WordPress website boosts the results from your online community efforts. Once the plugin goes live, you have the power to create, and host dedicated chatrooms on your WordPress website. This expands your reach and increases user engagement.

Head over to our dedicated WordPress Integration Page for a better understanding of AtomChat’s user-focused features. You can also install AtomChat’s chatroom plugin directly from the WordPress plugins store.

Aniket L.

Aniket is a student of marketing and is an avid reader. In his spare time, he likes to write innovative and educative content that would help people.

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