How to Create WordPress Online Chatroom in 2022

July 2, 2021
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Aniket L.
Freelance Content Writer @ AtomChat
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Remember coming home from school, firing up your computer, dialing up the internet and opening up MSN or Yahoo chatroom, and chatting with your friends about anything and everything under the sun?

With the turn of the century, we might’ve been introduced and become accustomed to a Facebook Chat or starting a feud on our Twitter Feed, but one search on the internet and you will realize that there’s still a huge segment of the online community market that craves the personalization and privacy that a dedicated online chatroom brought to the table.

Chat rooms are a brilliant strategy for increasing engagement and can foster a sense of community that will keep users returning. Adding a chatroom in WordPress is a terrific method to generate a buzz of activity on your website, with very little daily effort from you. You may use chat rooms to engage with your audience directly, for example by encouraging them to provide feedback about your products or content.

Thus, in this article today, we are going to explore how to create a chatroom in WordPress site without having to write a single line of code and bring like-minded people closer! 

Must-Have Features in a Chatroom

Now before we start searching for a WordPress online chatroom plugin, we need to list down the features our chatroom should have to drive user engagement and make the online chatroom the social hub of your community.

Text Chat

Your chatroom needs to have a text chat feature embedded to make talking on-the-go easier. It’s not always an ideal time to get on a quick voice call or video call, sometimes people might be able to participate only through texts. Hence, the text chat component is a must-have for an inclusive chatroom.

Audio and Video Chat 

Your WordPress online chatroom is not only a virtual space for your online community to exchange pleasantries but is a space for people to connect, build relationships and grow. Hence, what better way to get them connected than by giving them the power to start an online audio call or a virtual hangout through your chatroom itself. Having an online chatroom with these capabilities will not only give your community an edge in the online space but will also truly make your online community a safe space to foster real conversations for real people.

Real-Time Language Translation

An online community is one place that can claim to be truly global. A virtual community is open to any one and every one belonging to any country and speaking any language. Hence, to be an all-embracing community, your chatroom must have real-time language translation so that nothing gets lost in translation. Your all-inclusive online community can’t fall behind because of language barriers and thus, a multilingual interface is a must for a truly global community.

Chat Attachments

Having an option to share whiteboards and documents in the chatroom, takes it to a new level. This feature is very beneficial for professionals and even more so for the student-teacher community. Give your users the ability to send docs, PDFs, PPTs, and images in the chat attachments.

Screen Sharing

What if your online community is built for professionals to share and participate in complex discussions? Having a feature like screen sharing in your WordPress online chatroom will give them an added advantage to explain, examine and talk through complex ideas easily and interactively. This feature coupled with the above-mentioned features will not only make your online chatroom the core center for communication but will drive up user engagement and enhance the user experience by tenfolds.

How to make a chat room in WordPress

Once we have found the plugin with all the features required, {*ahem* *ahem* *AtomChat*}, we can get into integrating the online chatroom plugin with our WordPress site. 

1. Add the Plugin

First, you need to log in to your WordPress Admin area and go to Plugins > Add New. Browse through the plugin archive for the plugin you want and click on install.

 (We will be showing AtomChat Integration, but the steps can be followed for other plugins as well)

2. Install the Plugin

Once the chosen plugin is activated you can start the installation process. 

For adding a chatroom in WordPress using the AtomChat plugin you will need to:

• Click on the AtomChat tab on the left-hand side navigation menu.

• Enter your License Key and then your Auth Key and click on the Install button to activate AtomChat.

3. Setup the Chatroom

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you just need to enter the shortcode to any page of your site (using the WordPress content editor). The shortcode would look something like this.

[atomchat layout='embedded' width='990' height='600']

Once the shortcode has been embedded, your WordPress online chatroom will be ready to use and get your community chatting in no time.


I hope this article has helped you not only understand why a chatroom in an online community is the need of the hour but also how easy adding a chatroom in WordPress website is. Once the plugin is added, you have the power to create and host multiple, dedicated chatrooms on your WordPress website each catering to different needs and wants, thus, expanding your reach and increasing user engagement.

You can also check out our dedicated WordPress Integration Page to better understand all of AtomChat’s awesome user-focused features and you can install the chatroom plugin directly from the WordPress plugins store.

Aniket L.

Aniket is a student of marketing and is an avid reader. In his spare time, he likes to write innovative and educative content that would help people.

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