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Leverage Embedded Chat for Effective Community Building

July 18, 2023
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Dhruv Nagpal
Marketing Executive
5 Minutes

Embedded chat capabilities across your community or website bring many advantages. This feature enhances user experiences and engagement, even as it increases loyalty. 

When you embed chat in your community or membership website, it aids user retention and augments revenue. Your visitors can chat with one another in real time without leaving your website, which fosters a sense of community. Integrated chat features encourage members to interact, collaborate, and engage. 

Embedded chat is helpful to conduct Q&A sessions and educate the community. It enables you to build trust with your community, establish authority, and receive valuable feedback.

Community building and membership site essentials 

Interactions among the target audience is the topmost priority for a community or membership website. This is where integrated chat features create a dynamic, interactive, and inclusive space for members. 

When you embed chat, it facilitates real-time communication and enhances user experience via: 

  • Instant interactions and dynamic discussions 
  • A sense of belonging for members
  • Better user engagement, satisfaction, and experiences
  • Active member participation
  • Quick support that builds trust and enhances user satisfaction

Key embedded chat considerations 

Selection of an embedded chat solution can be a challenging task. Ideally, your choice should offer the following features:

(a) Customization and Branding

Ensure that the chat solution aligns with your branding and design. This is essential to:

  • Give your website or community a consistent professional look that reflects your brand image and credibility
  • Attract and engage visitors with a familiar chat widget
  • Personalize and customize chat experiences
  • Highlight your unique value proposition and brand personality

Basic embedded chat customization options include colors, fonts, and logos. Advanced features help you customize position, shape, size, accessibility, and integrations. Certain solutions also offer advanced options that help you use proactive chats, reconnect with previous chats, operation hours, authentication settings, customer wait time, or customer location

(b) Moderation and community management

Create a safe and welcoming community space on your website. This is where embedded chat's moderation features step in. 

Embedded chats can become a dynamic and engaging user platform when clubbed with a dedicated moderation team, tools, and clear moderation policies. Valuable features on this front include moderation tools, content filters, and spam prevention measures. You can use these to promote dynamic conversations, collaboration, and engagement. 

Such embedded chat features deliver advantages like:

  • User moderation to manage users, user behavior, and content
  • Content filtering to customize filtering criteria that assigns severity scores for inappropriate content 
  • Spam prevention to filter out irrelevant posts 
  • Status indicators that let users know each other's online status 
  • Message history to help users view past discussions and retrieve relevant information
  • @mentions to facilitate targeted communication and collaboration
  • Rich media support that lets users share media content

(c) User interaction and engagement 

Embedded chat solutions offer a wide range of features like emojis, reactions, GIFs, gamification, social sharing, and personalization. These capabilities improve user interaction to ensure unmatched chat experiences.

Features like threaded conversations, @mentions, and private messaging foster member interaction and collaboration. These features help get attention in a chat or channel. 

Users must be able to filter activity feeds. They must be able to manage different conversations by creating new threads.

(d) Integration options

Seamless integration with existing community building and membership platforms is necessary. It streamlines user experiences and centralizes user management. 

Other benefits of integration include data consolidation, personalization, and community growth. Rich integration capabilities ensure a cohesive community experience, participation, and user satisfaction.

AtomChat, for example, integrates seamlessly with over 30 platforms, which can transform your community or membership site’s potential. These options include WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, SuiteCRM, Bubble, BuddyPress, Drupal, Vanilla Forums, and CS-Cart.

Integrating embedded chat into tools like forums, social media, and content management systems provides many benefits. These include seamless communication, centralized collaboration, and real-time interaction. 

Embedded chat is ideal to amplify content and enhance data analysis. Customization of workflows will enrich user experiences and collaboration that ensures community success.

(e) Scalability and Performance

Scalability is crucial for future growth. Key scalability considerations to look out for include server infrastructure, message handling, real-time communication protocols, auto-scaling capabilities, and database optimization. Caching, content delivery networks, performance optimization, third-party service integrations, and load testing are other must-have features. 

Reliable performance, which includes server uptime, load handling, and responsiveness, is vital for an embedded chat solution. Performance directly impacts user satisfaction, engagement, community growth, member retention, scalability, brand image, and moderation efforts. 

Popular embedded chat solutions

Well-known embedded chat solutions suitable for community building and membership websites include AtomChat, RumbleTalk, Discord, and Slack

AtomChat is the Defacto choice for education and e-learning communities, professional networking communities, and niche interest groups. Discord is popular among gaming communities.

Slack is the choice of professional communities. Intercom is common in businesses to build communities around their products or services.

The user-friendly, customizable chat plugin AtomChat is ideal to embed chat on your website or community. AtomChat's strengths include scalability and seamless integration with 30-plus platforms. Its powerful features engage your members via private or group text chat, HD audio-video calling, collaborative tools, and real-time translation. Its handy features include role-based access control, credit-based billing, and a powerful admin panel.

Evaluating and selecting the right chat solution

When evaluating embedded chat solutions for your community building or membership site, it is crucial to assess scalability, customization, and branding features. During the selection process, you must account for integration capabilities, community management, support and documentation, budget and pricing, and the chat provider's reputation.

By evaluating these factors and aligning them with your unique needs, aspirations, strategies, and use cases, you can choose the right embedded chat solution for your community or membership website.

Trials, demos, and user feedback are crucial for selecting the right chat software. Beneficial best practices on this front can be to:

  • Define evaluation criteria
  • Test use cases
  • Gather user feedback
  • Evaluate integration
  • Consider technical support capabilities
  • Compare pricing and value
  • Assess the solution roadmap

Consider aspects like pricing, customer support, and the solution provider's reputation to help you choose the right embedded chat solution. A transparent pricing structure helps you understand the cost implications. Account for your budget and community growth.

Reliable and responsive customer support is essential. The chat provider's reputation on the support front indicates its reliability, product quality, and commitment.


When you embed chat features, it fosters a dynamic and inclusive community. Such real-time communication boosts user participation and cultivates trust, which enhances the overall experience. This powerful tool establishes a haven for contemplation, reflection, and growth.

Assess your unique needs, aspirations, and strategies to select an apt chat solution. Evaluate whether the embedded chat solution's essential features fulfill your community's unique requirements. This will help you reach an informed decision.

Dhruv Nagpal

Dhruv is a Digital marketer at AtomChat with having analysis and behavioral marketing background. He specializes in the psychological domain of marketing and utilizes it in digital strategies.

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