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The 9 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins to use in 2022

July 8, 2021
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Aniket L.
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To discover qualified candidates, many organizations spend a significant amount of money on a variety of job-posting websites.You can use WordPress job board plugins to integrate a full-fledged job board on your company career page if you have a WordPress website. We'll compare features in this post to help you pick the best plugin for your WordPress site. There are numerous factors to consider while selecting a job board plugin. If you want to design a successful yet easy employment portal, you'll need to think like a job seeker.

Best WordPress Job Board Plugins For Your WordPress Site

We investigated and screened 9 of the top WordPress job board plugins that are simple to use and efficiently based on all of the requirements.

  1. WP Job Manager
  2. Simple Job Board
  3. WP Job Openings
  4. Apply Online
  5. JobBoardWP
  6. JobSearch WP Job Board
  7. Job Board Manager
  8. Job Board Solution
  9. AtomChat

Let’s explore each one of them in brief based on their functionality, most salient features and cost. 

  1. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is an open-source, easy-to-use WordPress plugin that adds all the functionalities of a job board to your website. The plugin is shortcode-based and works easily with any WordPress theme. 

For anyone, who is just starting and is new to the WordPress world, WP Job Manager is the plugin to add to help set up a job board website. The simple design and powerful features make it one of the best add-ons to any job board-based WordPress website. 


Frontend Forms - To submit and manage job listings.

Simple Admin Panel - The powerful user-focused interface of the admin panel makes it easy for listings to be displayed in an organized manner and it also provides search and filter options for optimum functionality.

Single Job Listings - Such listings allow for all data, descriptions, and information with regards to the job and the company to be displayed cleanly and clearly. This makes job search and applying for jobs easier and faster. 

WC Paid Listings - With this paid extension, you can create multiple listings, featured job listings, and time-scheduled jobs. 

WP Job Manager Price

Basic Version: FREE. 

Core Add-on Bundle: $125 per year

  1. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board Plugin is a lightweight and robust WordPress Job board plugin that lets you add a Job Board in minutes to your website. 

With add-ons such as Job Application Deadline, Job Sorting, Resume Preview, Job Industry Filter, and much more available to attach to the plugin to help your website’s growth, Simple Job Board becomes one of the best job board plugins to add to your scaling website. 


Job Listings - With this feature, users can add potential jobs on the website and the job listers can also add job types, job location, requirements, etc.

Email Notifications - Users can get email notifications if and when the job application is received and moves forward.

Document Sharing - Users can share documents in various extensions using this plugin.

Applicant Review - Potential employers can look at the list and check which candidates have applied for the jobs listed and can vet the best-suited candidates accordingly.

Simple Job Board Paid Add-ons - Multiple Attachment Fields Email Application Attachments receive an applicant’s resume directly on your email, add company details 

Simple Job Board Price

FREE plugin

Additional add-ons: $10-$20 each

  1. WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings is the simplest solution to add a job listing page on your website. The plugin is designed to keep its users in mind and has a straightforward interface for an aesthetically pleasing yet effective user experience. 

Its best feature is that it automatically formats applications in a standard format so they’re easier to read because of uniformity. It also loads PDF previews of resumes and CVs so don’t have to download each one individually. This has earned it a rank among the best WordPress job board plugins available in the market.


Real-Time Notifications - The plugin provides real-time notifications through emails to keep communication between employers and candidates flowing.

Customizable Forms - WP Job Openings lets you customize the job application form to better suit your needs as an employer.

Application Tracking - You could also track applications and filter them out through the plugin’s Application Tracking System.

Powerful Dashboard - From your WordPress dashboard, you can track notifications and send emails to applicants. Not just this but you can also build templates and store them for automation purposes. 

The premium version: It features some great additions, like improved layouts, AJAX listings, applications manager, and language support.

WP Job Openings Price

Basic Version: FREE

Pro Pack of addons: starting from $49 per annum

  1. Apply Online – WordPress Job Board Plugin

If you’re looking for a free and effective job board plugin to run your job search engine, ApplyOnline is the plugin you need to use. 

Once the plugin is published on your website, users can immediately start receiving job applications. The intuitive interface of the plugin also allows you to manage and categorize your job listings from your WordPress dashboard. 

You can also create an option to register for courses and classes online, as well as other types of signups.

If you require a flexible yet ready job board plugin, ApplyOnline is the right choice for your website. 


Unlimited Job Creations - ApplyOnline allows you to create and post unlimited job openings on the website. This allows users to list their jobs and reach out to as many people as possible.

Jobs Filtration - You can filter out jobs posted on the website to search and apply for the best-suited jobs per your skillset.

AOL Manager - With the AOL Manager user role already installed, you can allow someone else to manage and filter the job applications received without giving them full access to the Admin Panel. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your website while still maintaining control of it! 

Apply Online Paid Add-ons: Application Tracking System for the applicants, Application eMailer, and export application as a CSV link.

Apply Online Price

Basic Plugin: FREE

Add-ons: Range from $15 to $279. 

The premium package: Starts from $199 

  1. JobBoardWP 

If you want to clone an Indeed or a Seek, and want to develop your job board website, you should opt for the JobBoardWP plugin. It is one of the best job plugins WordPress and a hot favorite among website designers.

This modern and sleek WordPress job board plugin has all the features and functionality that an optimum job search engine must have and then some more.

In addition, the drag-and-drop job board editor makes it simple to build up the Job Board. Job postings can be shared via job portals, social media, and even email notifications.

It works with practically every WordPress theme out there, both free and paid. The plugin also has detailed documentation and a support forum for quick query resolution. 


Google Structured Data - The plugin has been built to work alongside the Google Search Engine by adding structured data to the job listings posted. This allows the job listings posted to appear on the Google Job Search Results Page. 

Job Categories - This feature allows you to create different categories for job postings through the admin panel. This allows your users to select a pre-filled category while submitting their job postings.

Jobs Page - The plugin allows you to display all jobs on one dynamic page. Jobs can be searched through keywords and location. Candidates can also search for jobs by filtering through a location or job type.

JobBoardWP Price: FREE

  1. JobSearch WP Job Board

The JobSearch WP Job Board plugin can be used to create a customized job board page. The JobSearch is a premium WordPress job plugin that includes social media integration, email alerts, Fresh Job Alerts, a CV manager, Custom fields, and secure sign-up for recruiters.

All the other WordPress job board plugins that we have listed here come with free versions. The only exception is this one.

It also flaunts a highly customizable and extensive admin interface. If you know what you are doing, this plugin is worth checking out for sure.


Multiple Jobs - Provide you with a multiple numbers of job suggestions/options. You can include a job search feature that allows users to find and apply for jobs that match their needs.

Fully customizable - Creates a fully customizable job board for you with just a few clicks. You have the option of selecting a grid size. It also has options for boxed layouts, typography options, and in-built page templates.

Responsive Design - Has a responsive design that works on all devices. This job board plugin works with WooCommerce and the WPML plugin. It enables you to translate and create a website in any language.

Social media Integration: Users can log in using their Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts to apply for jobs. This plugin is SEO-friendly

JobSearch WP Job Board Price

Regular License: Starting from $39 per year

  1. Job Board Manager

With the Job Board Manager plugin, you can easily establish a Job Board website. It has its own shortcodes for job submission, checking in to the user's job list, displaying job archives, and more. The plugin is SEO-friendly, action-oriented, and has filter hooks for additional functionality as needed.

This is one of the best WordPress job board plugins for adding a job page, an advertisement board, or a course registration page to your WordPress website. Regardless of design, use online capabilities, easy installation, and amazing integration with your existing website. Application Tracker, Emailer, Exporter, and Statuses are just a few of the appealing extensions available.


Readymade Email Templates: It includes 11 ready-to-use email notification templates. Each action, such as applying for a job or submitting a CV, generates a unique notification email. Filter hooks can also be used to add custom email notification templates.

Multiple Job Ads: It supports multiple ad types. This also allows you to list ads with a thumbnail image, title, Apply Now button, and more.

AOL Manager: Its AOL Manager user function lets you relax while someone else takes care of your application forms area. Setting up and using the Apply Online job plugin is simple and quick.

Job Board Manager Price

1 Site: $19/yearly

10 Sites: $49/yearly, 

Unlimited Sites: $999/yearly

  1. Job Board Solution

Job Board Solution is a WordPress job board plugin that includes an integrated job application form as well as an affiliate management system. These HTML and CSS-compliant plugins might assist you in starting a headhunting service. The plugin's standout feature is that it can connect your website to job boards like CareerJet, SimplyHired, and Indeed, and charge a fee for visitors who apply.


Compatible: It works with WordPress affiliate websites without requiring any programming knowledge.

Responsive Plugin: This plugin is responsive, which means it works with any premium WordPress theme. It's simple to set up and operate.

Auto Jobs Postings: With Job Board Solution's auto-post feature, you may grab a large number of positions for your site with just a few clicks. With Facebook likes, shares, Google+, Google Maps, and more, it's a tremendous marketing tool.

Customization: Templates, Search Fields, and pagination may all be completely customized. This helps you to optimize your job posting by displaying the 50 most popular and recently visited positions.

Job Board Solution Price 

Regular License:$79/Lifetime

  1. AtomChat

AtomChat is a must-have chat plugin on your job board website to let your users (employers and candidates) communicate in real-time. By installing the AtomChat plugin on your WordPress website, your users can also share documents such as resumes, cover letters, employment letters, etc.

The plugin also provides two layouts (docked and embedded) with a sleek and simple interface for easy navigation and better communication.


Real-Time text chat, voice, and video chat - With AtomChat your users’ are enabled to text one another in real-time, not just that, but they can also get on a quick video or voice call for better and clearer communication.

Multilingual Interface - AtomChat provides real-time language translation, which allows your users to chat with one another regardless of language barriers. 

White-Label Apps - The plugin provides white-label apps for your iOS or Android device. The app comes with your branding and logo and makes sure that your users never miss a chat or a notification even when on the go.

Choosing the right Job Board Plugin

If you’re just starting out and building your own job board website, these plugins can save you time and energy and can get your website up and running in minutes. But it is very important to understand how to create a job board on a WordPress website, your consumer base and what framework would best suit them. Once you have a clear understanding of them, choosing the right plugin for your site would become an easier and faster process! 

Take it a step further and select the best WordPress JobBoard Theme for a more engaging user experience.

This is a terrific method to get more people to visit your WordPress website, increase your candidate pool, and possibly earn some extra money. Any of the plugins listed above can assist you in setting up a job board and enjoying the rewards.

Do check out our WordPress chat plugin’s benefits and integration here!

Aniket L.

Aniket is a student of marketing and is an avid reader. In his spare time, he likes to write innovative and educative content that would help people.

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