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The Best Chat Room Plugins for WordPress in 2022

July 9, 2021
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Sonakshi Agarwal
Marketing Specialist @ AtomChat
4 min read

A chat room plugin is designed to increase user engagement on a website through private messaging, audio and video calls, video conferences, group chat plugins, and chatrooms. Whether you want to build your private social network, online community, or run an online marketplace, live and real-time chat and chatroom plugin software comes extremely handy for businesses that want to connect with new and existing customers. A chatroom plugin creates a personalized experience for customers and allows them to interact with the business and with each other anytime.

What are group chat plugins?

First, we should understand how the Group Chat plugin works. A group chat plug-in allows you to add a group chat box to your site and give users a common place to talk and share information. According to the tool, they have additional functionality such as private one-on-one chatrooms, embed text chat, and various other features.

WordPress serves as an excellent solution for businesses looking to build and maintain websites and customize them accordingly.

Here are some handpicked chat room plugins you should look out for to build real connections and conversations among your customers.



A robust and intuitive real-time chat solution that seamlessly integrates with WordPress websites, AtomChat is packed with features that will take user engagement to the next level. The chat plugin is an all-in-one platform offering easy ways to embed text chat and video calling to your website. The platform supports both group and private chat, including password-protected and invite-only exclusive groups. Moreover, AtomChat is a no-coding platform and ideally suited for the most non-techy person with little or absolutely no knowledge of codes!


• Secure conversations via classic text-based chats, audio calls, HD quality video calls, and video conferences

• Collaborative screen share and whiteboard features for customers to build on ideas

• Real-time translations of text chats with support for over 30 different languages

• Powerful admin panel for full customization

• White-label mobile and desktop app with push notifications

• Credit-based billing, role-based access control, and website monetization through advertisements


RumbleTalk is a professional chat room plugin platform for private members-only group chats and public open chats. It can be quite easily integrated with your WordPress members' userbase and any type of blog, website, or real-time event. While the account owner has the liberty to create one or as many rooms as required, each room has the provision for group discussions and private, one-to-one chats between members. 


• Private audio and video calls for one-on-one discussions

• Three chat options to choose from - Group Chat, Moderated Chat, and Experts Chat

• Paid access to chats via PayWall, send private payment requests or collect donations

• Upload images, PDF files, Docs, Excel, and Powerpoint from mobile devices and computers

• Advanced dashboards for chatroom management 

• Spam filters and chat support in 30 languages


The Chatwee chat plugin thrives on four pillars - high user capacity, extensive customization, multiple chatrooms, and a host of exciting and useful features. It is a flexible chatroom plugin that can be easily installed on any website and is best suited for online communities, team communication, virtual events, educational webinars, live video streaming, online gaming, live trading, church services, and mental health support providers.


• Multiple chat rooms with no ads and clean, responsive design for maximum user interaction

• Extensive customization options including profanity filter and multiple login methods

• Messenger-style group conversations and private chat with retention of conversation history

• Offline messaging and provision to post images, gifs, clickable links, and downloadable files

• Automatic cross-tab synchronization to maintain continuity

• Real-time moderator assignment for chat management

Website Toolbox Chat Plugin

The Website Toolbox WordPress plugin offers an easy way to integrate a chatroom into your website without the hassle of any coding requirements. With affordable pricing options and a host of valuable features, Website Toolbox Chat room lets you engage in real-time conversations with access to your chat room on any device, anywhere. 


• Login integration where users automatically get logged into the Website Toolbox Chatroom upon logging in to the WordPress website

• Automatic Website Toolbox Chatroom account creation when users register on the WordPress website

• Guest login and chatting feature.

• Secure, mobile-friendly public and private chat and chatrooms with anti-spam protection and a high-speed, scalable server.

• Robust user management features with the option to create multiple rooms.

• White label feature with the liberty to use a personalized logo, domain name, and layout.

Minnit Chat

A user-friendly and embeddable group chat service with an intuitive design, Minnit Chat comes in handy whether you want to increase user engagement, host an online event, or simply want to communicate with your community. What's more, Minnit Chat does not demand any coding experience and easily blends with your WordPress website. From free chatrooms for closed communities to larger chatrooms for several users, Minnit has a lot to offer.


• Chat configuration and pre-approval of messages before they go live

• Automatic and manual options to ban unwanted users from chats

• Customization features for personalizing chat backgrounds, color schemes, text colors, and more

• Adds ICEcast, SHOUTcast, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn Radio stream to chats 

• Password-protects chats, blocks proxies, VPNs, external links, and uploads

• Requires users to complete a CAPTCHA

In conclusion

Chatroom plugins are indispensable for sustaining conversations in the digital era. We may have become more used to Facebook and WhatsApp chats, but the privacy and personalization that an exclusive chatroom provides are unparalleled. The latest craze for the audio-only chatroom app Clubhouse is proof enough that dedicated chatrooms have not gone out of fashion.

WordPress group chat plugin offers several options, each designed with a host of attractive features. You can get started with any of the chat plugins listed in this article, but we recommend that you first check out the demos of those that appeal to you the most. In the end, it is all about knowing your requirements and choosing what best suits your website and taste.

If you liked this blog, do check out our WordPress Integration and start your chatroom in minutes!

Sonakshi Agarwal

Sonakshi is a marketing specialist at AtomChat, who has just graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Technology, Sydney.

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