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The Definitive Guide to White-Label Chat Solutions

August 13, 2021
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Rashmi Mathur
Account Manager @ AtomChat
4 min read

Are you looking for a white-label chat solution for your business? Given that white-label chat platforms have a trending market at present, it’s worthwhile to talk about them. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a community builder, smooth user engagement should be your top priority. While the idea of building a chat platform from scratch sounds exciting, there are obvious downsides to it. Plus, you’ll run the possible risk of spending more than you get done. So, why not leverage the benefits of a white-label chat platform?

But what are these white-label chat platforms, and what’s all the hype about them? Let’s find out in this detailed guide.

What are white-label chat platforms?

White-label chat is a chat solution provided by a chat vendor but does not bear any vendor-specific branding. In other words, the chat platform is created by the vendor, but the logo, domain, and any other branding elements displayed are of the brand concerned. Also, such white-label chat solutions come with a host of customizable features, including colors, themes, and fonts that you can personalize according to your business needs. 

Such chat solutions integrate private chat, group chat, file sharing, video calling, and other useful chat features - all pre-made and ready to use. Plus, you can publish these white-label chat apps on Google Play or App Store.

Types of white-label chat solutions

Before we go into the detailed benefits of white-label chat solutions, let’s take a brief look into the different types.

General-purpose chat and messaging APIs

These are flexible messaging APIs. They let you build any kind of white-label chat or messaging experience with complete control over scalability and user experience.

Open-source chat APIs

Being open-source, they allow a reasonable degree of customization. Plus, they don’t provide the infrastructure and the chat UI. So, a great call if you want to build a messaging feature from scratch.

Open-source white-label team collaboration tools

These have ample scope for customizations with the ready-to-use features limited to specific use cases. They are your best bet if you’re looking for team interaction and collaboration features.

Essential features of white-label chat platforms

When you build a white-label chat platform for your website or community, it is natural to go for features that align with your needs. But, here are some essential functionalities that every white-label chat platform should have:

Group text chat

Be it public, open to all, invite-only, or password-protected, groups or chat rooms are an essential part of white-label chat platforms. Besides private chat, users should be able to create their group chat communities and connect with like-minded people.

High-quality audio calling

A high-quality voice call feature on the white-label chat platform allows users to connect with others across the globe. Both one-on-one and audio conferencing features must be present.

HD video calling

Along with the audio call feature, HD video calling adds to an immersive user experience. Both private and group video conferencing features will allow users to communicate face-to-face and strengthen community relationships.

File sharing

A robust white-label chat platform should be able to allow file-sharing of all types and sizes, including documentations, media files, links, and contacts. If need be, file compression features must also be available without compromising on quality.


A collaborative feature like screen sharing takes user engagement to the next level. Users should be able to share their screens for better discussions, collaborations, and sharing of ideas.

Analytics and dashboard

The analytics and dashboard feature lets you manage the chat application’s performance, know the data usage, user base, and active users. It’s undoubtedly a must-have of all white-label chat platforms.

Admin panel

Last but not least, what’s a customizable white-label chat platform without a powerful admin panel? From changing the color and theme to defining user behavior and accessing membership level-based features, the admin panel should have it all. 

Why do businesses need white-label chat platforms?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why white-label chat platforms are in so much demand.

Saves development cost

White-label platforms come ready-made with all the features that ensure an effortless customer experience. So, setting up a white-label group chat and private chat will spare your financial and human resources from possible wastage. Plus, you will be able to focus more on core business tasks.

Saves development time

Time is a valuable resource in business. Your users will eagerly look forward to the new features that you promise them. Features that will make them loyal to your brand. With white-label chat platforms, you can rest assured that you can deliver on time and add value to your brand.

Independent of third-party constraints

One of the best things about white-label chat solutions is that they have zero third-party interference. Being the admin, you have complete control over the chat platform’s appearance, moderation features, and even the ads that users see.

Enhanced user engagement and retention

A white-label platform enriched with custom chat features goes a long way to drive user engagement. Plus, it makes your chat platform stand out from the crowd while creating a unique brand identity. Advanced chat tools can complement any platform and help form connections at all stages of B2B or B2C marketing.

Create white-label chat apps with AtomChat


Building white-label chat platforms for websites and mobile apps gets easier with AtomChat. With AtomChat’s white-label chat solution, you can easily add your brand’s logo and personalized features to your chat platform.

Here’s what AtomChat’s white-label chat platform has to offer:

• Audio and video conferencing

• Group text chat

• Multilingual integration

• Screenshare integration and whiteboard

• Tiered access and ads

• Automatically import users

• Powerful admin panel for customizations

• White-glove integration assistance

So get in touch with us today or try out any of our plans for a 14 day free trial and experience why a white label chat solution is a must to help you grow and help foster user connections! 

Rashmi Mathur

Rashmi is a sales and support expert with great enthusiasm for technology. Currently at AtomChat she is helping clients discover possible chat solutions and help them scale new heights.

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