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How to add Video conferencing to your website in 9 easy steps

November 18, 2022
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Dhruv Nagpal
Digital Marketing Executive @ AtomChat
5 min read

Video chats help you find customer issues in real time so that you can respond effectively and quickly. It minimizes touchpoints by delivering contextual solutions. These face-to-face interactions personalize customer interactions, build trust, and offer multiple business benefits.

Businesses have discovered the unlimited advantages of embedding a video chat plugin on their websites. Countless benefits, right from enhanced customer satisfaction to getting an edge over your competition, are yet to be realized fully.

How to embed a video conferencing plugin on your website

Today, you can quickly integrate video call into your WordPress website via your WordPress admin panel with just a few simple steps. For instance, AtomChat is an easy-to-use leading-edge chat plugin that offers advanced video chat solutions for an immersive HD video chat and conferencing experience for your users or audience. 

With AtomChat's easy-to-use software tool, you can seamlessly embed video conferencing plugin in your website. You can configure it to meet your business and online community needs. This chat plugin lets your users video-chat one-on-one or in groups to deepen their existing relationships or to meet like-minded people. 

Embedding video chat capabilities on your website has become simpler and faster—you no longer need to code. All you need to do is to integrate video call into your website through the admin panel. And the chat is functional in minutes. 

Why to add Video Conferencing to your website - 

Over the past five years, Cisco says online video traffic has increased by 26% per year.

Today, everything is immediate at the click of a button. Buyer patience is low, and their choice of products and services is largely determined by your responsiveness.

80% of buyers, and 90% of current customers, expect a response to their service inquiry within 10 minutes, according to HubSpot. Two-thirds say waiting on hold for a response and having to explain their needs to multiple customer service representatives is a big frustration.

Embed video conferencing plugin in website can offer an  immediate connection between potential and current customers. The two-way digital dialogue available through this tool eliminates misconceptions of a customer's needs and allows for more effective sales opportunities. Additionally, it fosters a stronger bond with clients, making them more likely to make favorable outcomes for the business. Ultimately, talking face-to-face is far harder to resist than your traditional marketing tactics.

Additionally, these tools can be used for corporate webinars to establish your organization as a thought leader, as how-to tutorials to teach and upsell clients, or even as part of the recruitment process.

Video conferencing can help bridge the gap for remote teams. Studies prove that 87% of those teams feel more connected to an organization when video conferencing is employed. Miscommunication is a frequent problem which arises from electronic mediums including emails, instant messages and text. As this can be a relevant concern both internally and externally, video conferencing offers potential to break down barriers faced by remote teams.

Here the 9 easy steps that helps you to embed video conferencing plugin on your website from AtomChat - 

Step 1. Sign Up and Select Your Plan

Step 2. Note Your API Keys 

Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on 'Manage’. You will see API Keys on the top right. Copy them.

Example: Where from/how to copy API Keys (Courtesy: AtomChat)


Step 3. Add the Chat Plugin

Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

Step 4. Install the Plugin

Browse the Plugin Archive and select the Plugin to Install it.

Follow these steps to install the plugin on your website:

  1. Click on the tab <Plugin Name> on the left-hand side Navigation Menu.
  2. Enter your License Key and then your Auth Key. 
  3. Click on the button ‘Install’ to Activate the Chat Plugin.

Step 5. Choose a Layout

You may choose one between 2 Layouts:

1. Docked Layout enables you to create a floating chat widget at your website’s bottom right/left corner.

2. Or you can opt for Embedded Layout, which embeds a chat interface on any specific web page.

(Do not use both Layouts on the same page. These can’t be used simultaneously on the same page.) 

Step 6. How to set up Docked Layout

Once the plugin is installed (as explained in Step #4), Docked Layout is auto activated as the default layout for your convenience.

To manually add Docked Layout to a specific page using the WordPress content editor, you need to use the HTML shortcode: [<Name> layout='docked']

Step 7. How to set up Embedded Layout

Embedded Layout lets you add the chat plugin to any part of any website page.

To install Embedded Layout, add the HTML shortcode to any page of your site:

[<Name> layout='embedded' width='990' height='600']

Step 8. Contact Sync 

Your users will be visible in the contact list when they re-login after installation of the Chat Plugin.

Step 9. Secure the Chat Plugin

Before you go live, paste your API Key and Auth Key in the Chat Plugin (in your WordPress Admin Dashboard) -> Authentication Settings.

Sign into your Chat Client Area and click on the ‘Manage’ button.

Then, navigate to Settings -> Authentication -> Security and enable ‘Enable Auth Key Verification?’ and ‘Enable Data Signature Validation?’.

Example: How to secure the Chat Plugin with API Key and Auth Key (Courtesy: AtomChat)


Your Chat Plugin is live.

If you need help at any point in the integration of the plugin or through the process, you can request technical support from AtomChat’s development team. Our experts will help you get the job done efficiently. 

As of 2022, you can select from options like iFlyChat, RumbleTalk, AtomChat, WP WebRTC, and Tiviclick Video Chat. These feature-packed platforms allow you to embed a video chat room or window on your WordPress website.

Best practices for embed video conferencing plugin in website - 

Usually, third-party embeds load using <iframe> elements on the page (iframe specifies an inline frame that can embed another resource in the current HTML page). Mostly, HTML snippets have an <iframe>, which extracts a page containing markup, scripts, and stylesheets. 

Some third-party embeds offer a script snippet to inject an <iframe> dynamically. In this case, these heavy embeds hamper the web page’s performance. Other embeds include JavaScript of size 100KB to 2MB, which also takes longer to load. 

Although third-party plugins or embeds affect website performance negatively, they offer crucial functionalities. 

You can rely on the following best practices to perfect their use - 

Periodical audits: 

Regular audits of website performance keep you updated about the impact of third-party plugins/embeds accounts due to embed-source code changes. It also helps you delete unnecessary code.

Script ordering: 

Fast loading of the main content is essential to deliver a great user experience. For instance, if you promote a news portal, you must ensure that all the news items load before plugins or embeds for social feeds and advertisements. Place third-party script tags after your key first-party tags, and use ‘async’ or ‘defer’ to load them asynchronously.


Third-party content often needs to display during page loads due to its placement after primary content. Delaying the download of third-party content till it is necessary is termed ‘lazy-loading.’ You can opt for different lazy-loading techniques based on your needs and the type of embed.

Conclusion - 

Video chat can be a vital enabler for business growth. You do not need coding to enable video chat on your website for you and your users to access and engage in meaningful interactions. The simple steps outlined in this tutorial are all you need to easily and quickly embed a chat plugin that meets your needs.

Dhruv Nagpal

Dhruv is a Digital marketer at AtomChat with having analysis and behavioral marketing background. He specializes in the psychological domain of marketing and utilizes it in digital strategies.

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