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April 20, 2021
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Dhruv G
Content Specialist @ AtomChat
8 min read

“I’ve built a website”. “I want my users to interact and build a community”. “I don’t know how”.

One of the main building blocks of creating a community site or marketplace is communication. If your users cannot interact on your platform, then there’s no real benefit that your community website will provide! 

When you think of chat and community together though you think of Whatsapp or DM options such as Instagram Messenger or Facebook Messenger. But these applications are not ideal for chat options for an independent website as they are owned and operated solely for their enterprise! 

Create your own chat room website

Hence, creating a Chatroom Website for your users with your own Chat Application is the need of the hour. But at the same time, we can’t expect the users to join our site just because we provide them with a chatroom. We need to provide potential community members with quality options such as HD Video Calling, Audio Calling as well as Texting Options.

Reading this might cause the financial department of your company to slam the breaks on your website plans as development costs due to creating a chat widget on your own will take a toll on your resources. Be it time, money, or even manpower. 

Wait, then how to actually make a chat room website?

This is where I come in with my solution to all your chat problems!


I know what you might be thinking though! How can I trust someone to provide quality chat room services for my website! 

Worry you must not! Because chat services such as RumbleTalk, iFlyChat, Chatwee specialize in these services and assure you with quality service!

How to embed a chat room to your website?

Now the next question that arises is the “How”

“How can I integrate a chat software into my site without hiring a developer?”

Being a non - developer I know, how difficult it is just looking at words such as “software” and “integration” but let me assure you that integrating these software products is as easy as taking candy from a kid. (Okay maybe easier than that because kids love their candies ;) ) 

You just need to Copy-Paste the code or install a plugin of your choice (chat provider of course) to your site and see the magic happen!

“So does this mean I don’t need to keep coding to build on the chat software I purchase?”

The answer is NO! 

You don’t need to slog away behind a computer coding, you just need to select a chat plugin,  sign up to a plan and then let the plugin help solve all the chat needs of your website!

Why should you follow “The No Code Movement”?

This movement is popularly known as the “No Code Movement”, helps website business owners like you to add important functionality to your websites without needing to learn or write code.

The other apprehension that site owners may have about the “No Code Movement” is its reliability and quality!

How can you trust a widget that you have dragged and dropped to your site without a software developer that you have seen work on it firsthand?

Firstly, the “No Code Movement” doesn’t mean “No Code At All” it just means that the software has pre-built elements that have been coded for reuse and scale.

The other misconception that because it might reduce cost, the software must be less effective or maybe a better use for small traffic and simple sites is also incorrect. Many no-code developers are now building their products keeping in mind the ever-evolving technological landscape and are creating products with extreme sophistication to support the high functionality that websites face to meet the server demands! 

Hence, it has now become possible to build Chat Room Websites for even everyday humans due to the rise of this movement! 

Steps to install a chat room software to your website:

  1. Relax, Breathe and choose a Chat Provider.
  2. Add the Code provided by them to your site template. (Might look something like this!)

3. Once, the code is added, you’re ready to chat away!

“But What if I’ve built my site on WordPress. Will these No Code chat providers still work?”


You can build your website on WordPress, Ning, Wix, or even Bubble and the chat option will still work as these platforms are big believers of evolving and giving creators the power to create rather than trapping them in the same old cycle of rigid unchanging websites! 

But which platform would suit me for my Chatroom Website?

The solution is easy! Every site has its advantages and disadvantages. I’ll list a few for some platforms which I believe are the best no-code platforms and make integrating chat simple! 

WordPress Chat Room Website



WordPress provides its users with more than 50,000 plugins free and paid combined. These plugins help you customize your website and enhance its UI and UX. Some SEO plugins might also help increase your site traffic as they will help optimize content, meta tags, keyword focus, and much more! 

Open Source

"WordPress is an open-source software and anyone can use, study, change and redistribute its source code" - (WPBeginner). A lot of WordPress plugins come under the  GPLv2  and being an open-source software, WordPress users can easily access the codes online. This helps save costs and development time as you are using an existing code! 



WordPress powers around 41.1% of all websites as of April 2021, and this can lead to oversaturation of databases. The added plugins and other factors such as codebases lead to the slowness of a WordPress site! 

Load Speed of a page is crucial to your website as a slow loading page might turn off your users and may cause them to go somewhere else!


The Internet is a boon and a curse. It helps store all your information but can also cause you sleepless nights due to the danger of your information being hacked!

WordPress being one of the most popular CMS in the world becomes a soft target for hackers and spammers. Even if you safeguard your site with anti-hacking plugins provided, Spammers can always flood your website with comments and can harm the credibility of your site!

WIX Chat Room Website



The interface of Wix is quite useful and intuitive. All the tools you need to make your site aesthetically pleasing are a few clicks away! Wix also offers templates and guidelines to help build your website get aligned with your brand.

Site Security

Wix Websites come with an HTTPS security protocol and an SSL certificate. This means they are one of the most secure websites on the market! Hence, creating a website on Wix means you don’t have to worry too much about security and can invest your time into creating and designing your website and adding services to it for the best User Experience!


No Unlimited Plans

Wix sites don’t allow unlimited bandwidth or storage on any plan they offer. Hence, for long-term growth, Wix isn’t a feasible option for entrepreneurs, especially those who want to keep building their brand.

App Store

The Wix App store helps add functionality to your site, but the main problem that arises with the store is that most apps aren’t true apps. Hence, instead of functionality they only add I-Frames to your site! These apps are easily accessible and easy to use and work alright but are not a long-term solution to add to your site!

Bubble Chat Room Website



Bubble is a new and growing platform and its team is working behind the scenes to improve scalability and performance. It also offers various plans for its users based on performance needs! Bubble also provides custom plans which help you run your site on AWS but away from other Bubble apps which increase the reliability and scalability of your site!

Custom Code

A lot of no-code platforms, don’t allow you to run a custom code if you face a limitation. This creates a roadblock for you and your site. This is where Bubble is different, it allows you to use the readily available code but also lets you customize and run your code to help and suit your vision better! 


Native Apps

Bubble does not allow the deployment of native apps on App stores. Even though there are ways around the system for you to still deploy native apps using Bubble, a long-term solution will be needed to help growing entrepreneurs implement their plans!


Bubble users can help add features and improve functionality using custom code but the only language it supports is JavaScript. Hence, users not well versed with this code language can face issues while trying to implement a change or adding features to their site.

So now that we’ve discussed the various platforms and you’ve seen how easy it is to create your own Chat Room Website, let’s talk about who can provide you with the tools to fulfill your purpose of connecting the world! 

AtomChat, RumbleTalk, iFlyChat are amongst some chat service providers who easily integrate to your site and get your users communicating instantly! 

All these chat products come packed with features like video calling, audio calling, and texting which makes communication easier.

Why Choose AtomChat?

Apart from the normal communication features AtomChat also provides collaborative features such as Screen Sharing and WhiteBoard Ideation amongst many others. It also provides Multilingual Integration In-Built Monetization features! All at a cost that doesn’t break the bank! 

Check Out AtomChat to learn about the features and much more and do try out their free trial! 

Dhruv G

Dhruv is a self proclaimed geek and has an avid interest in Electronics and Finance. He's also enthusiastic about psychology, philosophy and leadership, and management and loves reading as much as he can!

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